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11th K-pop academy – application window now open

Deadline for applying for the 11th K-pop Academy is 12 February. More details below.

The 11th K-pop Academy

Date: 25 February – 20 May 2017 (12 weeks)
Time: 14:00 – 16:00 (every Saturday)
Venues: Korean Cultural Centre UK and various offsite venues
Tuition Fee: Free

K-pop Academy banner

Since 2012 the ‘K-Pop Academy’ has given K-Pop fans a firm grounding in the development of the K-Pop phenomenon as well as an introduction to many interesting topics including Korea’s history, culture, language and food.

Running twice a year, with 30 students each term, this 12-week course features a special guest speaker each week.

The course provides opportunities for a hands-on approach where the students participate in various activities, and explore both the traditional and contemporary aspects of Korean culture and art.

Upon the completion of the course these K-Pop fans will have developed a deeper understanding of Korea and Korean culture and from this we hope that their affinity with Korea will last a life time. The K-Pop Academy is a great opportunity to discover more about Korean culture, meet like-minded individuals, and most of all, have fun!


  • You must be 16 or over
  • You must not have participated in the K-Pop Academy in the past
  • You must have a keen interest in Korea and Korean culture


  • Attendance: Students who are absent twice within the first three weeks will be asked to leave the academy and their place will be offered those on the waiting list.
  • Certificate: Only students with more than 70% attendance will be awarded a certificate at the graduation ceremony in week 12. This means that those with 4 absences or more will not be able to receive a course completion certificate.

Application Procedure

Application Window

18 Jan – 12 Feb 2017. Application forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted.

How to apply

Download the ‘Application Form’ from the KCCUK website. Complete the application process and submit via [email protected] with the subject ‘K-Pop Academy Application’
Enquiries: Tel 020 7004 2600 / Email: [email protected]

Selection Procedure

Student selection is completed using a lottery based system. However, students’ eligibility will be examined first, and those who are not eligible will not be included for the lottery selection. e.g. aged under 16 years old, those who had participated in the programme in the past, incomplete application.

Once the computer software has selected the applicants at random the chosen the names will be announced on our website and contacted individually by email. Then, the computer software will again draft at random a waiting list from the remaining applicants. Should any applicants cancel, their place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list and so on.

The 11th K-Pop Academy Programme

Week Date Programme Venue Speaker Detail
1 25 Feb Welcome to KCCUK KCCUK
  • Introducing the K-Pop Academy
  • Meet the 10th K-Pop Academy students followed by an “All About Korea” Quiz
2 4 Mar K-Wave: Hallyu KCCUK Dr. Haekyung Um (Dept. of Music, University of Liverpool)
  • What Hallyu? Hallyu of today and tomorrow
  • Development of Hallyu: K-Pop, and Korea’s entertainment industry
  • Discussion, Q&A
3 11 Mar K-Language: Hangeul King’s College London Prof. Jae Hoon Yeon (Dept. of the Languages and Cultures of Japan and Korea, SOAS)
  • Lecture on Korean language and its history
  • Creative workshop with Hangul calligraphy
4 18 Mar K-Pop Dance Dance Works Studio Tammy Jane (LOKO: Leader of London K-Pop Dance Workshop)
  • Learn the latest K-Pop dance
5 25 Mar K-Cuisine: Hansik Westminster Kingsway College Hyungsoo Yim (Korean Food Researcher)
  • Learn about Korean food culture and table etiquette
  • A cooking class to learn how to make Korean dishes (Hansik)
6 1 Apr K-History Part 1 KCCUK Dr. Anders Karlsson (Dept. of Japan and Korea, SOAS)
  • Introducing Korean history
  • Discussion, Q&A
7 8 Apr K-Traditional Dance King’s College London Haein Song (Ph.D contemporary and digital performance, Brunel University)
  • Introducing Korea’s traditional dance and music
  • An exhilarating workshop about traditional Korean dance Tal Chum (mask dance)
*** 15 April Easter Break ***
8 22 Apr K-History Part 2 KCCUK Brigadier (Retd) B.A.H. Brian Parritt CBE
  • Hear an illuminating account of life in Korea between 1952-53
  • Watch a K-Film related to the Korean War
9 29 Apr K-Sport: Taekwondo Pineapple Dance Studio Master Jongho Kim
  • Learn the origins of Taekwondo and its history
  • Learn selected Taekwondo techniques under the expert guidance of Master Jongho Kim
10 6 May Korean arts and national treasures The British Museum Eleanor Hyun (Curator of Korean Collection, The British Museum)
  • Encountering with the peninsula’s art, history and culture through the Museum’s important objects in the Korean Gallery (Room 67)
11 13 May K-Fashion: Hanbok KCCUK Dr. Jungtaek Lee (Dept. of the History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS)
  • Introducing traditional Korean attire Hanbok and K-fashion today inspired by Hanbok
  • Experience wearing Hanbok
12 20 May Graduation Ceremony KCCUK
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • A Korean cuisine luncheon with family & friends

Please note that the programmes listed above may be subject to change.


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