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Exhibition news (Wigan): North Korea, An Exploration

An exhibition of DPRK photographs, objects and posters:

North Korea, An Exploration

The Old Courts | Wigan WN1 1NA |
Exhibition: September 1st to the 27th from 11 AM to 4 PM every Friday and Saturday
Opening event: Friday 1st September (7.30-9.30pm). Register via Facebook page

DPRK exploration

Join us to celebrate the opening of a rare and intriguing show that explores the many different faces of North Korea.

For the first time, explorer Dylan Harris reveals his collection of propaganda posters, collected objects and striking photographs:

“I’ve spent the past 10 years travelling to over 100 countries all on all seven continents. Some of it for pleasure, some related to my music business, but mainly linked with Lupine Travel which I set up back in 2008. Lupine was established as a tour agency with the aim of opening up parts of the world that have seldom been visited by tourists before. Many of these places have long been closed off for various reasons, ranging from war to disease to nuclear accidents. The one overwhelming experience when visiting these places is the warmth and hospitality of the people, often totally at odds with the picture portrayed by the mainstream media.

One of these countries is North Korea and is the focus of this exhibition. A country that has been almost completely sealed to outside influence and access for over 65 years, it’s a mystery for most of the outside world. Through my multiple visits there over the past decade, I’ve collected a variety of objects from across the country, from artwork, books, music, photographs and more. The only image in the West that we see of North Korea is that of a militaristic society and the regime. But it’s also a country rich in it’s own culture and full of warm friendly faces. The aim of the exhibition is to give a glimpse inside this society, to give a fuller picture of how it really is, including the human side of its people who are so often ignored by the West.”

At a time when tensions are high between NK and the West, The Old Courts were intrigued by the opportunity to explore Dylan’s first-hand experiences of the guarded country. Dylan has been visiting North Korea for years and has been involved in some very interesting projects, and has a unique insight into a country which most of us know very little about.

Exhibition General Opening Times:

– Every Friday and Saturday throughout September 11-4pm
– Other days by appointment, simply call 01942 834747 before you plan to visit.

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