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Korean artists at START Art Fair 2017

Apologies to Skipwiths, who were good enough to invite me to this year’s START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery. I got their invitation email and promptly forgot about it. Which meant I completely missed out not only on the works they were showing, but also that of a few other Korean artists / galleries. For the record, here are the Korean / galleries and artists who showed:

START Art Fair

Saatchi Gallery, 14-17 September 2017
Duke of York’s HQ | King’s Road | London SW3 4RY |

START Art Fair banner

Kwang Yeon Song

202, Haeryong Tower City,22-19, Bangu 2–dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan, S.Korea
Exhibiting Artist: Kwang yeon Song

Butterfly’s Dream. It is going to deplete the excessive greed of humanity and modern materialism, returning to the human way of this work was to start from the heart to want to widely inform the world of Korea inspire unique spirit to the world. Complete Works of the artist weaves and ran out to match the contemporary situation in our traditional folktale is filled with happiness and dream, the butterfly on the design of lotus and peony folktale as expressed by drawing as to go fill the embroidery a stitch a stitch for a completed the dream of tomorrow.

Song Kwang-yeon: Butterfly’s dream (2015)
Song Kwang-yeon: Butterfly’s dream (2015) Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 80.3 cm


323-703, Jamsilro62 Songpagu Seoul, Korea
Exhibiting Artists: Elly’s | Eunbin Yang | Jonghawn Choi | Taewon Hwang | Yoojoung

K Artist is an art and entertainment project developing company which focuses in finding young new talents. They are in process of launching art on demand gallery tv, Iptv which will create auction sales of the artworks.


393, Hyeoncheondong, Deokyanggu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggido 10542 Korea
Exhibiting Artist: Rim Chae

Since the establishment in 2011, IN AND OUT ART has passionately collected and organized exhibitions of exceptional artworks, masterpieces and contemporary works. IN AND OUT ART has phenomenally expanded the depth and range of its collection, taking its artists to the world’s best international art fairs and bringing international artists to all continents. We work with the most celebrated contemporary artists from around the globe and cooperate with companies for public art. We have also expanded into the art advisory and consultancy business.

Rim Chae: Peach Flower, Apricot Flower and Baby Azalea (2016)
Rim Chae: Peach Flower, Apricot Flower and Baby Azalea (2016) Natural lacquer with silver 925 and mother-of-pearl, 60 x 40cm × 15 pcs

Gyeha Lee

12Apdok 4ro, Sindae-ri, Amnyang-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Exhibiting Artist: Gyeha Lee

The Man: In a modern society where everything is becoming complicated and varied because of advances in technologies and media, the image viewed by others from outside me takes hold of me. People living in this society are involved in this social milieu in which appearances are the critical means of measuring value. Thus, they tend to construct their own image rather by others’ views, not by their own view. The title “the man” does not refer to a male, but human beings in general who lose their identity. I tried to picture this aspect rather metaphorically. In addition, “the man” reflects man standing ambiguously in a society emphasizing appearance and materials.

Gyeha Lee: The Man (2010)
Gyeha Lee: The Man (2010) Acrylic on canvas, 72.7 x 60.6 cm

Pontone Gallery

43 Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea, London, SW3 2TB, UK
Exhibiting Artists: Hwang Seontae | Lee Jaehyo

Pontone Gallery brings together new and inspiring voices from the contemporary art scene, presenting work that is distinguished by its quality, originality and creativity. With a new flagship in the heart of London’s Sloane Square the gallery continues to present work in diverse and uninhibited ways. Pontone Gallery focus on both homegrown and international talent, and regularly exhibits in new spaces and art fairs worldwide.


17 Clifford Street, London, W1S 3RQ |
Exhibiting Artists: Kwang Young Chun | Hyojin Park | Kim Jae Il

Founded by Grey Skipwith and Heejin No in January 2015, Skipwiths brings together expertise in Korean and Asian artists such as Kwang Young Chun, Kang-So Lee, Xing Danwen and Hyojin Park, and introduces their work to European audiences. Heejin established her own international art project company in 2006 after completing her Masters at Sotheby’s Institute, and Grey ran his own IT company for many years before returning to his roots in the art world, which he started working in at the tender age of 13. For four years they have been curating shows for galleries and public institutions as well as managing artists at different needs and stages in their careers. Recent projects include co-producing of Korean Art: The Power of Now, published by Thames and Hudson in 2013.


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