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AlphaBAT play the Camden Assembly


I fell over this upcoming gig while browsing on Facebook a couple of days ago: the four-member hip-hop boy band AlphaBAT are coming to London at the end of the month. The venue’s website provides no more information than the gig’s Facebook event page, namely just the time, place and price: you are assumed to know all about the band (who started off as a duo, grew to nine members and is now down to four). That might be a brave assumption if the difficulty I had tracking down an image of the band in their current configuration (on a non-Korean website) is anything to go by – though, to be fair, that could be attributable to the fact that the band has only been in its current format since last summer.

The music will be taking place sometime between 3pm and 9pm on Monday afternoon, 29th January. If you buy the €100 tickets or above, you get a “hug event” into the bargain. If you can’t stretch to that, €30 gets you a Quick High Touch. Tickets from the Camden Assembly. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a ticket sale website for a UK event that only quotes the price in Euros…

The Camden Assembly is at 49 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8AN 020 7424 0800 – and used to be known as the Camden Barfly.

AlphaBAT poster

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