Say Sue Me + Billy Carter play Windmill Brixton

Two Korean bands on their UK tour join together at the Windmill:

Say Sue Me + Billy Carter

Windmill Brixton | 22 Blenheim Gardens | London SW2 5BZ
Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 8pm – 11pm
Adv Tickets £8.00 via WeGotTickets
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Say Sue Me

Damnably presents Say Sue Me’s first solo London headline show with their friends from Seoul Billy Carter (빌리카터) and Electric Muse (Seoul) vs Damnably (London) Dj’s.

Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me are a surf-inspired indie-rock quartet from Busan, South Korea. Friends since 5th grade Jae Young (Bass) and Kim Byungkyu (guitar) were introduced to drummer kang Semin and then they heard Sumi’s speaking voice in a cafe and decided she should be the singer. Sumi Choi turned out to be a natural at songwriting.

Formed in 2012, they released their 1st album We’ve Sobered Up in 2013 and EP Big Summer Night in 2014 on Korean Indie label Electric Muse. Damnably Records of London, England released a Record Store Day exclusive 7″ EP Semin and Compilation album of 1st and EP Say Sue Me in UK/Europe to coincide with the bands debut UK tour supporting Japan’s Otoboke Beaver that started at a sold out 100 Club in London.

The band have picked up considerable BBC6Music Radio play from Gideon Coe, Tom Ravenscroft, Don Letts and were included in the BBC introducing Spotify Playlist. ‘Good For Some Reason’ was released as a split-single w/ Japan’s Otoboke Beaver & premieed in The Fader, while their newest singles ‘Old Town’ premiered in Stereogum and was featured in Pitchfork, ‘B Lover’ premiered in Uproxx and ‘After Falling Asleep’ in Billboard.

The band just debuted at SXSW where NPR selected them for the hot 100 acts to see at SXSW.

Say Sue Me’s second album “Where We Were Together” is released April 13th ( pre-order from bandcamp @ when the band’s ‘Busan Calling!’ tour takes them to mainland Europe for the first time.

Recent Press

“The band plays a loose-limbed amalgam of jangly indie-pop, handclap-rich girl-group classics and the lightly rumbling sounds of early surf-rock. At once stylish and timeless…” NPR

“…your new favorite indie rock band from Korea!” MTV

“Because its vibrant and catchy instrumentation does so much work, “Old Town” suggests less the ache of being alone in a city than it does the tingly feeling that accompanies a life-changing milestone.” Pitchfork

“Fresh off three strong South By Southwest sets and with a growing buzz surrounding their jangly single, “Old Town,” Korean indie quartet Say Sue Me is on the up-and-up — and they’re only going higher.” Billboard

“…a super adorable band that makes sunny lo-fi rock songs out of Busan, South Korea.” The FADER

“… a sneakily but feverishly infectious bit of indie-pop, utilizing a brisk surf-rock guitar to propel a track that actually bore a pretty ruminative narrative about getting older and the relationships we maintain to the places we’re from.” Stereogum

“…you don’t need to fully grasp the backstory to get sucked into its feverish tempo and go-for-broke delivery, with the band’s innate ear for a warm melody striking by the time the chorus kicks in.” Uproxx

“…a deeply moving record, filled with the jangle-pop hooks, stunning vocal melodies, and intricate guitarwork that stands up proudly against some of their influences like Yo La Tengo and Pavement…” KEXP

“Snooze is the last thing you’ll want to do after hearing Say Sue Me’s “After Falling Asleep.” This is one of the South Korean indie pop band’s Korean-language songs, which singer Sum Choi said was a deliberate choice for Korean fans. If you’re not able to tune in to the lyrics, though, the tune’s airy, chilled-out sound is all you need to get lost in a dream.” ELLE Magazine

Say Sue Me on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

Billy Carter (빌리카터) (Seoul, South Korea)

Billy Carter started in 2011 as a two-piece acoustic project by Jiwon Kim(Vocalist) and Jina Kim(Guitarist) and took its current rock trio form when Hyunjoon Lee(Drummer) was added on the band in 2014. Soon after, Billy Carter released their first untitled EP, commonly called “The Red,”and were chosen as the Rookie of the Year by K-Rookies KOCCA, a Korean government organization charged with supporting culture and art. They were also featured in many popular Korean music websites, such as Y, Diffsound, and Naver Music. “The Red” was nominated for three 2015 Korean Music Awards: Rookie of the Year, Best Rock Music of the Year, and Best Rock Album of the Year.In 2016, Billy Carter released their second untitled EP, an acoustic album referred to as “The Yellow,”and their first full length album, “Here I Am,”which once again led to nominations for Korean Music Awards. Since then, they have toured heavily throughout South Korea, with appearances on TV shows and music festivals, and completed their first international tour in Europe, which included playing at Primavera Pro Festival in Spain. Through all of this, the band has continued to develop their unique three-piece sans-bass rock sound.

Following the release of “Here I Am,” Billy Carter spent nearly a year working on the third and fourth installments of their ongoing EP series, which were concurrently released in December 2017. The two EPs are filled with powerful, dark, and beautiful songs that address some of the most difficult and intimate experiences of life: finding closure in life as death approaches, an end which leads to a new beginning, hope that gives great agony and despair but can also bring sweet relief, Billy Carter uses these stories like a double-edged sword in the eight songs of the two EPs. “The Orange,”meant to represent flowers, contains the band’s heavy and energetic sound with straightforward talk about the fierce everyday battles of life. “The Green,”symbolic of grass, shows their spiritual side. It combines stories of birth and death through the sense of stillness and deeper sound in an attempt to find the nexus of various situations usually seen as standing apart at extremes.2018 looks to be another big year for Billy Carter. The band has already started planning for their next full length album, will continue touring around Korea, and are in the early stages of booking a tour in the UK, which will include at least two festivals appearance.

Recent Press

“Billy Carter’s first full-length album ‘Here I Am’ is filled with energy. Like the intense pink colored cover, the album includes 13 impressive tracks of “fun charisma” which represents Billy Carter, I believe. Most of all, I like the album’s variety. But the variety doesn’t mean the band’s character changes indecisively depending on genre. Rather than that, interestingly, very different styles of music are tinted by the band’s own color, creating unique territory only Billy Carter has, as a result. The album includes rockabilly, garage, electronic, and psychedelic. They gather and scatter in the wide canvas painted by Billy Carter’s originality. I especially like the band’s humorous attitude about things in and out of us. Even with a little sad or serious matters like the feeling of loneliness and being lost, rather than let the music heavily sink to the bottom of the feeling, it sneers at the tragedy and converts it into fun.” – Korean Indie

“Billy Carter’s song ‘The Dog’ burns with energy that you yourself can not control. If their released EPs, which pushes in one color each, symbolizes ‘one concept’, their first full-length album seems to open the back of Billy Carter which had not been shown before. This song ‘The Dog’ is the most heterogeneous and experimental track in this record. This is a progressive interpretation of the Billy Carter’s avant-garde, blues.” – 2017 Korean Music Awards nominated as the best rock song

“Spassoso trio Koreano come solo il vecchio rhythm & blues sa essere. Senza dubbio una delle cose più fighe che avreste potuto scoprire qui a “risvoltino land” – Indie Zone (13 Band TOP al Primavera Sound 2017)

“This album is so much multifaceted. Tracks are classic, modern, vivid, rocking, bluesy, simple, and complex. The band shows their all the different aspects through these tracks of various styles and convinced me how talented Billy Carter is.“ – Korean Indie

“Billy Carter who released two EPs [The Red] (2015) and [The Yellow] (2016), has finally released their full-length album [Here I Am]. They have already shown their direction with songs on the EPs, they take a direction to take their trademark more firmly, which is a mixture of Surf Rock, Psychedelic and Folk. However, their sharp melody tones become a bit smoother, adding clarity in the midst of it. In the meantime, guitar sound of the spatial system to emphasize the psychedelic harmony is combined with the sensuous sound of drum to create an exotic texture.“Always hot. Every time I listen to Billy Carter’s music, I thought. Not because of intense genre features. It is more important that they come from a firm will and passion for their new creation. [The Red] in June 2015, and [THE YELLOW] in January 2016, followed by [Here I Am] in November 2016. They are fast. Also its’ content is hot as well as the speed of creation. The various appeals of their two released EPs have been extended and semantically hardened. When you listen to their full-length album, you feel like you’re in a theater full of their own heat.” – Naver Today Music

Electric Muse:

Damnably Records:

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