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It’s the Korean Music Awards time of year again…

KMA19 graphic

This is the time of year that I realise how behind I am with the music scene in Korea. The Korean Music Awards make me guilty that I’ve missed out on so much great music, but also grateful that they bring it together in one place so that I know what it is that I need to track down on iTunes or Spotify to see what I’ve been missing.

It’s also consequently the time of year when I most appreciate the tireless work of Anna at Indieful RoK for making the awards so accessible. To be frank, I have never visited the official site until I googled it a second ago to write this very sentence. I just rely on Anna to pull together the nominations in the various categories; and hopefully over the next couple of weeks she and maybe a guest contributor will provide commentary and predictions.

Best of all she’s done all the hard work of tracking down the nominations on Spotify (where available) and creating a playlist of the tracks and albums. You can find links at the bottom of this page. I’m listening to one of the playlists as I write this. Thanks Anna!

As an aside, it’s nice to see that several of the acts on the shortlist have paid recent visits to London, including BTS, Say Sue Me, Kiha & The Faces, Asian Chairshot, Park Jiha, Near East Quartet and Park Juwon. Here’s hoping that some of the others make their way here before long.

KMA2019: Nominees for 16th Korean Music Awards

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