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Little Forest screens at the Barbican as part of Chronic Youth Film Festival

One of my favourite films of 2018 gets another London screening this month in the Barbican.

Little Forest (GIF)

Well worth a second viewing.

Little Forest – Chronic Youth Film Festival 2019

Dir Yim Soon-rye (2018, 103 min)
With Kim Tae-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, Jin Ki-joo, Moon So-ri
24 Mar 2019, 16:00, Barbican Cinema 3 | Book tickets

Little Forest: tomatoes

Korean New Wave director Yim Soon-rye’s Little Forest follows Hye-won (Kim Tae-ri, The Handmaiden) as she deals with the stagnation of millennial post-graduate life.

Recently graduated from university, Hye-won (Kim Tae-ri) is disillusioned by her life in Seoul – she works a dead-end job and eats terrible food.

After returning to her hometown, in countryside South Korea, she plunges into a journey of self-discovery by rekindling old friendships and cooking up a storm.

Yim Soon-rye’s tasty slice of feel-good realism celebrates the restorative ability of food to evoke feelings of tenderness and home, and the power of everyday perseverance within oneself.

Based on the slice-of-life manga Ritoru Foresuto by Daisuke Igarashi, Yim Soon-rye uses a colourful and vivid lens to depict the universal toil of finding your way in life.

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