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The Litter Exhibition, at 4 Mason’s Yard

A brief group show by four Korean artists:

The Litter Exhibition

Saturday 15 – Tuesday 18 June 2019, 11:00 – 18:00
4 Mason’s Yard | London SW1Y 6BU | Free admission
Jihye Baek | Jinjoo Kim | Jinsun Park | Sangwook Park
On the opening day, free red wine is available only for those who bring own glasses to minimize waste and take care of the environment.

Litter Exhibition

+82 Lightweight Artists presents a group exhibition, ‘The Litter Exhibition’, under the theme of litter. Whilst four Korean participating artists interpret the concept of ‘litter’ with each individual’s aesthetic sense and personal memories, they assembly convey the message to the audience: “Beauty is not to show, but to find,” by extending it to trivial things, things that are always around us, subculture, or a useless life.

+82 Lightweight Artists is an art and cultural society formed by Korean students from all over the U.K. 82LWA is a framework for continuing artistic and cultural activities.


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