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PV: Kyung Hwa Shon: The Blinking of the Eye

A few years ago we were given the chance to look inside Standard Chartered Bank’s city offices for a guided tour of their art collection. Now, a chance to see an exhibition by Korean artist Kyung Hwa Shon in HSBC’s head office in Canary Wharf. RSVP essential: you won’t be let in unless your name is on the door.

Kyung Hwa Shon: The Blinking of the Eye

Thursday 26 September 2019 Opens: 17.45. Artist talk 18.00 — 19.00 including Q+A
HSBC offices | Level 6 | 8 Canada Square | Canary Wharf | London E14 5HQ
RSVP essential: ART [at] hsbc [dot] com

Kyung Hwa Shon: The Blinking of the Eye

Please join us as Kyung Hwa Shon discusses her practice with artist, writer and Royal College of Art tutor Jonathan Miles and curator Jeremy Akerman. Guests will have the chance to view her solo exhibition The Blinking of the Eye. RSVP essential: ART [at] hsbc [dot] com

Receiving her Ph.D. from the Royal College of Art in 2019, Kyung Hwa has worked on large scale public projects, collaborated with fashion house Drake and has exhibited both nationally and internationally; including shows in the UK at Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts.

In her practice Kyung Hwa explores city life, questioning if we really see what we see or whether we remake what we see based on our perceptions? Through the use of the imagined phantom character, ‘Stillman’, Kyung Hwa immerses herself into her environment allowing a sense of otherness to emerge that stimulates her imagination beyond the sole reliance on vision. For this exhibition Kyung Hwa invites us to join ‘Stillman’ as she provides a unique vision of Canary Wharf.

Complimentary drinks will be served. Guests welcome.

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