Meekyoung Shin: Weather, at Barakat Gallery

A new solo show by Meekyoung Shin:

Meekyoung Shin: Weather

3 October – 22 November 2019
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm or by appointment
Opening Reception: 3 October, 6 – 9 pm
Barakat Gallery | 58 Brook St | Mayfair | London W1K 5DT

Meekyoung Shin: Weather

“In a world in which everything is subject to the passing of time, art alone is both subject to time and yet victorious over it.”
― André Malraux

“All things pass. Sturdy art Alone is eternal; The sculpted bust Outlives the State.”
― Théophile Gautier, L’Art. 1857

WEATHER presents never before exhibited ceramic works by the international artist Meekyoung Shin. The exhibition will be staged at the Barakat Gallery, an established ancient art gallery with a presence around the world, including Korea and London. The gallery has an increasingly forward looking, critically engaged approach. This exhibition, driven by the young team in London, and supported by Barakat Contemporary in Seoul, constitutes a renewed paradigm for the artist’s practice and offers a rejuvenated view of ancient masterpieces through the eyes of an acclaimed contemporary artist.


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