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Jeram Yunghun Kang: Our Small Voices, at Bush Theatre

Our Small Voices

9 – 12 October 2019, 12 noon – 8pm
Bush Theatre | 7 Uxbridge Road | London W12 8LJ |
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Jeram Yunghun Kang is a visual communicator and researcher based in Jeju, Korea and London, UK.

He enjoys listening to people’s stories and also telling his own. He is always industrious in his artwork and projects, and these qualities have enabled him to create projects based on shared conversations with people in different fields. He has always been on the side of the disadvantaged: helping workers, refugees, sexual minorities and the disabled get their voices heard. In short, his theme of practice is ‘small voice with a big impact,’ reflected in his works, Amran’s Bus (2019) for refugees, You come in I come out (2018) for sexual minorities, Find Font (2016) for the deaf, Invisible women (2012) for workers. In all these works, he has tried to extensively communicate with the underprivileged in many different ways.

He also enjoys observing and collecting a variety of everyday materials, creating works to increase depth and powers of persuasion. A typical example is There is no rule! (2012), a compilation of opinions on how to use chopsticks. He interviewed from many nationalities and age groups different people about the correct way of using chopsticks, reaching the conclusion that all manner of methods should be respected, and finally compiled the book in the form of chopsticks. In Naomi, Na omi (2015), he collected scents reminding him of warm memories of his mother to write five topics and make a perfume based on them. Sunday Lunch in London (2017) also shares a similar theme. He collected eight different Londoners’ memories of Sunday lunch in London through interviews and arrived at a keyword for each story to be symbolised by an object. Afterwards, he visually reconstructed them on a table. The stories of his interviewees may have been small but it was not the case for their memories as symbolised.

He will show some of his typical works which are introduced above in his first solo exhibition.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019 18:00-20:00 – Opening Reception
Thursday, 10 October 2019 18:00-19:30 – Talk: Lessons learned from Failure

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