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Lee Eunuk: Transcendence, at the Old Police Station

Lee Eunuk: Transcendence

2 – 4 October 2019, 1pm – 5pm
The Old Police Station | 114 Amersham Vale | Deptford | London SE14 6LG
Artist talk & reception: 4th Oct 1pm (RSVP [email protected])
Organised by 10AAA | Curated by Yovi Jisun Song | Assistant curator Yeonah Lee

10AAA is proud to announce Transcendence: Eunuk Lee’s solo show in London, curated by Song Yovi and Yeonah Lee at the Old Police Station London. Since its establishment in 2011, 10AAA has realised projects with artists who have been doing interesting work in Europe and Korea. Under the title of ‘Transcendence’, which is a transcendental meaning, this exhibition prepared a solo exhibition introducing Eunuk Lee’s drawing installation and painting for the first time in London. In The Old Police Station, where the (old) police station building near New Cross was reproduced as a culture, the drawings depicting the artist’s imagination about the universe in a flat space and symbolically expressing the ‘eye’ symbolizing the world. You can meet drawings and paintings by installing new interpretations of space.

Eunuk Lee has been interested in the relationship between the world and people, and the movement of the black lines in each drawing appears in a complex maze of lines with new forms each time. Triangles, circles, and straight lines across the screen complete certain forms through the architectural structure and mathematical patterns of the universe. In the old police station space where there is a rough trace of the past, drawing installation will be carried out together, and the lines of the planes will pass through the space three-dimensionally.

‘Transcendence: Drawing (2019)’ are drawings that depict a planet that is infinitely expanded and produced in an imaginary world. In order to deal with the symbolic norms and rules of the universe where the ego is invisible, the works are filled with terribly delicate lines and the successive coincidences that make up a world.

We will also present ‘Transcendence: Painting (2019)’ series in the gallery. ‘Single eye’, an important symbol in Lee’s artwork, is a part of the artist’s body, which means a window into the outer world, the dark hole of subjectivity. The meandering labyrinths seen between the fine lines and the planes, in conjunction with the body’s optical organs, create black holes on the work surface, guiding others beyond gravity to the depths of the infinite universe.

In the ‘Undefined Interstellar Algorithm (2019)’ series, the existence of others appears in various layers as it transcends time and space. The artist’s and others’ breaths are completed by influencing the rotation of the universe, the rhythm of the planet, and the beat. Through the exhibition, it will be an opportunity to meet the audience in London by opening another time and space where the imaginary world meets the world.

Eunuk Lee (b.1981) lives and works in Korea. After graduating from the Korea National University of Arts, she graduated MA in fine art from Central St Martin’s College of the University of Arts London. Since her first solo exhibition at the Blue Room in London in 2006, she has been invited to several screening events including Arteria 2007 in Monzon in Spain, Varlansk Filmfestival in Sweden and the 700IS Rein-deerland Festival in Iceland in 2009. Recently, Lee had a solo show titled, Membrane Eye at SpaceBA in Seoul in 2018, and In 2019 she participated in Bikalpa Art Center, Kathmandu Residency.

10AAA is a project-based group which consists of art enthusiasts. Our aim is to share innovative ideas and to organize and present a series of artistic events in collaboration with creative people so that we could provide a bridge between people, culture and knowledge.

Song Yovi (Director) graduated from the University of London MA in arts policy and management at Goldsmiths College and founded 10AAA in the UK. Song organized several international projects titled, From here to eternity-Berlin & Korea, and artists and social welfare-Finland & Korea. Yeonah Lee (Curator) graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Dongguk University and is currently in Arts Management and Arts Management at the University of London at Goldsmiths College. She organised the art group as a curator of the artist group 36.5 degrees and worked as a manager in the urban regeneration cultural space SpacebBA in Korea.

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