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AlphaBAT – A Story Not Told: workshop + fanmeet

I’ve held off posting this event as it hasn’t been crystal clear what precisely it is. Even now, with less than three weeks to go, there is inconsistency between the event’s Facebook page and the ticketing website as to when it starts and what you get for your money.

Alphabat: 2019 European Tour “A STORY NOT TOLD” in London

12 December 2019, sometime after 4pm
Lift Islington | 45 White Lion Street | London N1 9PW
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According to Facebook:
17:30 – 18:30 – Workshop
19:00 – VIP, GOLD event
19:30 – Fanmeeting

According to ticketing website
Small concert + Fanmeeting
VIP events starts at 4:00PM
Show starts at 5:00PM
WORKSHOP starts at 6:00PM

(automatically generated) We didn’t review this event, but Korean London did, here.

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