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Jimin Suh’s Unburied in double bill at The Bunker


THE UPSETTERS present a week-long festival dedicated to celebrating artists of colour where they will hold a poetry night, debut two pieces of new writing, present a scratch night and host a series of workshops where they pay participants to attend to cover loss of earning.

THE UPSETTERS make theatre written by writers of colour, directed by directors of colour and performed by actors of colour in all roles unless the script specifies otherwise.

The two pieces of new writing include a one-act play by London-based Korean actor and writer Jimin Suh.

Double Bill

The Bunker | 53a Southwark Street | London SE1 1RU
Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th February, 7:30pm
Tickets £10 – £30 | Book tickets

Jimin Suh

Unburied by Jimin Suh, directed by Adrian Tang
Wakes by Sidney Belony, directed by Brigitte Adela

Set in 1937, the one-act play Unburied tells the story of a family affected by the forced transfer of approximately 172,000 Koreans from the Russian Far East to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by Soviet authorities.


KATYA – Korean Russian, born and raised in Vladivostok (Female, 17).
MALSOON – Katya and Andrei’s paternal grandmother who fled Korea 27 years ago (Female, 60s).
ANDREI – Katya’s brother, born and raised in Vladivostok (Male, 20s) / JOON – A young activist.
NADIA – White Russian, born and raised in Vladivostok (Female, 20s) / VLAD – A soldier.

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