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K-music 2020 live: ADG7 CANCELLED

I just got this email from King’s Place:

Dear Patron,

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled. Please see the below message from the show curators at Serious…

‘The ADG7 concert will be postponed until K-Music 2021 because of concerns about travelling at present. The rest of the K-Music 2020 programme will go ahead as planned – see for details’

You will receive a full refund to the original payment method within the next 7 working days.

We apologise for this disappointment, but look forward to welcoming ADG7 next year.

What a shame, but totally understandable. For the record, I’m leaving here the text of the original event posting.

The 2020 K-music Festival kicks off with ADG7, live at King’s Place. Don’t miss it!


Friday 30 October 7.30pm
Kings Place Hall One | Book tickets


ADG7 (Ak Dan Gwang Chil) made their international debut at the 2019 WOMEX in Finland and then played GlobalFEST in New York to much press acclaim.

With the explosions of a pop-rock cabaret and the grooves of funk, the group draw on the sacred shamanic and secular ritual music and folk song of the Hwanghae-do region in western North Korea, their music expressing the true meaning of liberation and the Korean people’s hope for reunification.

The nine-member group perform traditional instruments – zithers, flutes, drums and gongs – with three powerhouse singers and together they create an exuberant, contemporary interpretation of the spirit of Hwanghae-do. Band members include Won Meon Dong Maru on gayageum (zither); Grace Park on ajaeng (zither); Kim Yak Dae on daegeum (bamboo flute); Lee Man Wol on piri (bamboo oboe) and saenghwang (free reed mouth organ); Chun Gung Dal and Sunwoo Bara on percussion; and Hong Ok, Wol Seon and Meong Wol on vocals.

Making their UK debut and bringing colour, joy and a sense of razzamatazz to audiences in these challenging times, ADG7 will perform tracks from the albums, ADG7 and Such Is Life which was released in July 2020.

‘Choreographed singers, candy-coloured costumes and bouncy, upbeat, often swinging songs that link the concision of folk tunes to the catchy repetition of pop, with cymbals for drive and flute and zither lines for instrumental hooks’ (New York Times)

‘A most astonishing show musically and immensely entertaining. WOW!!!’ (NPR)

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