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K-music 2020 online: Hey String

For me, Hey String were the highlight of K-music 2019. So it’s great to see that they’ve got another gig this year.

K-Music Specials I: Hey String

Friday 6 November, 7pm
Watch at or

Hey String

Gayageum trio Hey String push beyond the limitations of traditional performance in a full force of interplaying melodies and rhythms to create enthralling soundscapes. With their three Korean zither-like 12 stringed instruments, they show a deep understanding of traditional Korean music, but don’t let it box them in as they mix with electronics and explore unique compositions. The band includes Jihyo Kim (gayageum, glass Harp, kalimba), Jihyun Park (gayageum, glockenspiel, vocals) and Jihyun Oh (gayageum, glockenspiel, percussion).

This concert is co-produced by the K-Music Festival and the Seoul Namsan Gukakdang, the organisers of the competition programme ‘Young Korean Music Audition Danjang’ that originally discovered Hey String.

‘Hey String are part of a revolution among Korean traditional players that would have seemed highly unlikely even a decade ago. Players of those instruments used to stay within their own refined world of museum culture, whereas now musicians like Jihyun Park take it as given that there are no limits to what they can play’
The Wire

Full online programme details are available at and

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