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K-music 2020 online: Yoon Jeong Heo + Vincent Peirani

Some of the highlights of previous K-music festivals have been the collaboration between Korean and Western performers. Here’s the first such event in the 2020 festival.

K-Music Encounters I: Yoon Jeong Heo (from Black String) + Vincent Peirani

Tuesday 3 November, 7pm
Watch at or

Heo Yoon-jeong

In the first episode of K-Music Encounters, geomungo master Heo will perform and talk about her musical story. The performance will be held in collaboration with prominent French jazz accordionist, Vincent Peirani. This is a very rare opportunity to enjoy a fantastic concert from these two masters, one not to miss.

Yoon Jeong Heo

Not just the leader of award-winning Korean music and jazz group, Black String, Yoon Jeong Heo is a leading and respected figure of the Korean music scene, bringing together East meets West compositions with her geomungo (zither-like stringed instrument with bridges and frets) offering a fresh, new sound to audiences by presenting ancient tradition within a modern setting.

Heo has performed numerous performances in Korea, Germany, France, UK, USA and many other countries. She broadens her musical spectrum by collaborating with prominent artists like Stephan Mikus, Idan Rachel, Vincent Peirani and many more.

Vincent Peirani

Vincent Peirani

Like all popular music, jazz is associated with strong personalities. International recognition of accordionist Vincent Peirani rests on that essential, fundamental quality. His musical charisma, his distinctive creative skills, his unique approach to his art strike the listener immediately.

Peirani has the ability to turn everything he touches into gold: in jazz, of course, but also in chanson (Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs), film music (composer for Mathieu Almaric’s Barbara in 2017), and so on.

Full online programme details are available at and

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