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Shinuk Suh: Post-Human Syndrome, at Beers London

Thanks to Jason Verney for pointing out an online exhibition I had missed. Shinuk Suh participates in an exhibition delayed from last summer because of Covid restrictions. There’s a lovely set of installation shots of Suh’s work taken by Damien Griffiths, showing new and recent work with a monochrome flavour.

Shinuk Suh: Post-Human Syndrome

Beers London | 1 Baldwin Street | London EC1V 9NU |
21 January – 10 February 2021
Online and by appointment only

Shinuk Suh: Biometric Syndrome (2020)
Shinuk Suh: Biometric Syndrome (2020). Steel, DC Motor, Controller-Box, Silicone, 130x156x40cm. Photo Damien Griffiths

Through kinetic sculpture, video, and a healthy dose of wry humour, Shinuk Suh explores how pervading societal ideologies are silently instilled in him by the so-called ‘Ideological State Apparatus’. The artist is keen to analyze how society treats its inhabitants like a product; Suh views our present-day and age as one giant system or factory, wherein persons are akin to products on the production line of a factory. Metal and silicone, (the main materials of the work,) are depicted as the ‘giant system’ and humans, respectively. Processing, slapping, twitching, and revving, the works seem to mechanize the rote manipulations of human (in)activity. Suh is eager to point out the contradictions and dilemmas of society, given the sheer overload of information and representation. The work is stylish, yet perverse; Baudrillardian, but kitsch; socially relevant, but altogether a bit intentionally silly. Suh holds an MFA in Sculpture from London’s Slade School of Art, and has recently shown at the Korean Cultural Centre.


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