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***Cancelled*** New Malden Harvest Fest 2022 ***Cancelled***

Date: Saturday 10 September 2022, 11:45am - 4pm
Jubilee Square | Cocks Crescent | New Malden KT3 4AH | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Event official Facebook page

KBCE Cancellation Announcement

The Korean British Cultural Exchange (KBCE) is celebrating the 7th Anniversary of the Kingston Korea Festival 2022, starting with the Harvest Fest. In association with Kingston Chinese Association (KCA) and Kingston Beats, the event commemorates the first major ESEA (East & Southeast Asian) festival in Kingston.

The ESEA community share the exact date for the Harvest Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, regardless of its name: Chuseok (Korea), Tsukimi (Japan), Tat Trung Thu (Vietnam) or Moon Festival (China). Though the Asian and British cultures have distinct differences, there are similar traditions when giving thanks for the Harvest. Therefore, this year, KBCE will collaborate with Kingston’s ESEA (East & Southeast Asian) communities to celebrate the bringing together of these cultures and reach out to local communities about authentic experiences or traditions they may never know about. This is reflected in our diverse programmes, including cuisine, traditional dance, storytelling, music, Kpop competition, traditional clothing fashion show, martial arts demonstrations and culture and language. There will be various souvenir stalls for handmade products and crafts from Hong Kong in addition to Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean street food.

“We wanted to invite and welcome everyone to our community with open arms. The way to overcome cultural barriers is to get together, be open-minded, willing to learn, immerse yourself into the culture and celebrate each other” — Deborah Hin, KBCE’s Chairperson

Live Entertainment

MC: Natalie Cheung & Sunny Lee

Performance Schedule Participants
1I:50 Hello and Welcome SY Park
12:00 Opening Ceremony
12:20 Korean Traditional Music Mason Kim
12:25 Chinese Fan Dance Kingston Chinese Association
12:30 Korean Traditional Dance ‘Onara’ London Kim’s Dance Group
12:35 Japanese Story
12:40 Community Dance SY Park
12:50 Taekwondo Demonstration Living well Taekwondo Academy
13:10 UK Hanbok Fashion Show UK Hanbok
13:20 Annabelle (K•POP) Annabelle
13:25 Chinese Story Ceceilia Luk
13:30 Aikido Demonstration Kingston Aikido Club
13:45 Community Line Dance London Kim’s Dance Group
13:55 Traditional Clothes Fashion Show ESEA Communities
14:10 Flute Ensemble SL Flute Ensemble
14:15 Chinese Choir Kingston Chinese Association
14:25 Korean Story Becky Lee Smith
14:30 Taichi/Kung Fu Demonstration Lim’s Martial Arts
14:45 Korean Fan Dance London Kim’s Dance Group
14:50 Chinese Umbrella Dance Kingston Chinese Association
15:00-16:00 KPOP Competition Preliminary Round LOKO

Programme can be changed without prior notice | Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Free education programme

Language and Cultural programmes by SOAS and craft programme by Kingston Beats

Photo Zone

Take pictures in front of your favourite Kpop stars and KBCE logos. Make sure to tag us and use our hashtags in your photos!
#HarvestFest2022 #KBCEHarvestFest #KingstonKoreanFestival #KKF #KKF2022 #KBCE

Food and Souvenir Stalls

Souvenir stalls for handmade products and crafts from Hong Kong and Food stalls for Chinese, Hongkong and Korean food including bakery products, ddeokbokki, gimbab, milk tea and moon cake. Map of the stall locations, and a list of the individual stallholders, is below:

Map of Jubilee Square

Harvest Fest trade stalls
1 Kimchl World K Food Bibimbab, Fishcake Soup, North Korean Songpyeon, Freshly made two types of Kimchi
2 BAB K Food Bulgogi, Pancakes, Fried Chicken, Veggie Pancake, Hotteok, Ddeokbokki and Fishcake
3 KCA C Food Mooncakes, Coconut Tarts, Wives Cake, Pandan Cakes, Icing Cookies, Tea
4 Trini HK Food Milk Tea
5A Banneton Basket HK Food Pineapple Buns
Agape Kitchen HK Food Mooncakes and Bakery Products
MacyM’s Macarons HK Food Mooncakes and Macarons
6A Tapio Kart HK Food Sweet snacks, Drinks and Curry Fish Balls
6B The Aphroland Market Handmade Fabric Products
7A Shalom Heung Gong HK Food Egg Tart, Bakery Products and Milk Tea
7B Holike HK Market Packaged Salmon Crackings, Dried Soup Packs, Dried Shrimp-Egg Noodles
8 Tastiland Market Imported Japanese Snacks and Candies
9A Kong Fook Cheongsam Market Cheongsam and Flower Buttons Display, Necklace for Charity Sale
9B Arkisan HK Market Postcards, Cup Mat, Art Prints
10A Uncle Leo C+ shop Market T-shirt, Key Chains, Paper Craft Lanterns, Souvenirs
10B Aulaw Organic Farm UK Market Organic Hongkong-style Vegetable Seedings, Dried Cabbages, Demonstration of Translating Seedlings, Sowing Seeds etc
10C Frank Yau Market Caricature

About KBCE

The Korean British Cultural Exchange (KBCE) is a registered charity that organises cultural and educational activities and social media content to promote Korean culture in the UK. KBCE aims to foster understanding and build a better community together through artistic collaboration and creativity.

We are looking for trustees, volunteers, and financial support to organise various cultural educational programmes. If you are interested in joining us, please email [email protected]

About Kingston Beats

Based in RBK, Kingston Beats is set up to support people recently immigrated from Hong Kong on a community level. It focuses on helping them to settle, build a network, provide resources and information, support for job search and employment, recruit and train volunteers, and create engagement opportunities for smooth integration into the community.

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