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Ollah Life Peace Pilgrimage 2022

Date: Tuesday 23 August - Friday 26 August 2022, See below
Various venues

Tickets: Free | See details below
Tuesday 23 August: Coventry Cathedral ruins | 2:30pm - 3:30pm more details here
Wednesday 24 August: Trafalgar Square | 5pm - 6pm
Friday 26 August: White cliffs of Dover | timing tbc

Ollah Life Pease Pilgrimage poster

The Korean Christian Bargn Nuri (밝은누리) community return to the UK for three performances of traditional folk music, song and dance on their Ollah Peace Pilgrimage.

The Pungmul group 얼라(Ollah) is a group of students and graduates of Samil Haklim in Bargn Nuri community. The name “Ollah” has two main meanings. ‘Ollah’ means a ‘child’ in a Korean dialect. We enjoy and share the exciting Pungmul like a child, and with a courageous, unhindered spirit. It also means “genuine myself”. We wish to live as who we really are, sharing Pungmul performances.

Pungmul is a Korean tradition of folk percussion that includes drumming, dancing, and singing. Since ancient times, Korean people have played Pungmul when comforting someone, honoring death, and praying. For us, it is more than a music. We pray with Pungmul. We perform Pungmul hoping to brighten the weary, darkened soul, and to share pleasure of moving forward to light with hope. Above all, Pungmul performance is really fun and exciting.

Life & Peace Pilgrimage
Life & Peace Pilgrimage is a peace campaign organized by the Bargn Nuri Community. Kicked off in October 2017 when tensions for an imminent war on the Korean Peninsula were higher than ever followed by North Korea’s nuclear bomb testing. We advocate an end to the Korean War, disarmament, and permanent neutrality on the Korean Peninsula, and peace in Northeast Asia. In the past six years, we carried on pilgrimages at 330 locations in five countries where civilians had suffered from the colonial and imperial invasion, war, and dictatorships of the 20th century. At each visit, we take time to remember those who were inflicted during historical events and meet with locals peacebuilding activists.

The UK performances are organised in collaboration with CCND, Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Performance program

  • Samulnori: A music with four traditional Korean musical instruments
  • Seoljanggu: An ensemble with several janggu
  • Sing together Arirang, a traditional Korean folk song for the Korean people who were
    scattered by going through colonization, war, and division to relieve their sorrow.
  • Korean traditional dance and juggling

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