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Soojin Kang: Landscape, at Ben Hunter Gallery

We think this is Soojin Kang’s first solo show in London – though her work has been at Collect in previous years.

Soojin Kang: Landscape, at Ben Hunter Gallery

Date: Friday 7 October - Monday 7 November 2022
Ben Hunter Gallery | 44 Duke Street |St James's | London, SW1Y 6DD | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Official notice on gallery website
Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm
Hundreds of red carrot-like fabric scultures are piled on the floor

Ben Hunter is pleased to present Landscape, a solo exhibition by Soojin Kang.

The two rooms in the gallery are each occupied by a single monumental textile sculpture, Untitled , 2022 and The Sea, 2022.

The sculptures employ idiosyncratic weaving techniques, using raw silk which Kang hand-dyes herself. They grow into complex systems of interlinked forms, at once recalling the shifting topography of a landscape and the seas undulations; their scale both emerging from and overwhelming the human body.

In its obsessiveness and repetition, the weaving process lends a structure and space for contemplation. For Kang, making is an extension of thinking.

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