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Korea Now! Festival at Outernet and St Giles Square

This looks like an interesting and fun event, right by Tottenham Court Road tube. The art works will make full use of the immersive screens at Outernet, and there’s a range of artists both familiar and unfamiliar. We’re especially excited about the music strand: what’s not to like about a collaboration between Geomungo player Park Woojae and Idiotape member Sin Bumho? Both have appeared in K-music performances in London in previous years and it’ll be great to hear them play together.

Plenty of food will be on offer, and the Korean Tourism Organisation has a great bucket list of 100 places to visit in Korea during this Visit Korea Year.

Korea Now! Festival at Outernet and St Giles Square

Date: Saturday 10 June 2023, from 11am
Outernet | near Tottenham Court Road tube | Charing Cross Road | London WC2H 8LH | [Map]

Tickets: free | Official website here
Korea Now graphic - a colourful Seoul streetscene with logo superimposed


From bucket list travel inspiration to mouth-watering Korean food, live music and art installations in 360-degree Ultra HD, immerse yourself in all things Korea. Plus be in with a chance to win your dream trip to Korea.


Korea is bursting with culture, art, and food. Here are 100 top amazing things to see to whet your appetite!


Experience the flavours of Korea: from savoury to sweet, spicy to salty, hot and cold, enjoy delicious Korean cuisine and drink.

Check out the list of vendors here.

Music: MUTO

Dark figures of a geomungo player and another musician against a bright pink projected background with words from a Shakespeare sonnet

MUTO symbolizes ‘VAST PLAINS’; a band consisting of graphic artist Park Hunkyu (VIEWZIC), Geomungo player Park Woojae, music producer Sin Bumho (IDIOTAPE) and media artist Hong Chanhyuk. MUTO emerges from musing over two fundamental elements in modern performing arts; originality and contemporaneity.

Visual arts


2GREY specialises in the field of design, film and visual arts through the unique and immersive world of fascinating visuals, stories, and moments. Korea Tourism Organization collaborated with 2GREY to articulate various tourist attractions of Korea reinterpreted as digital art – ‘The Sights’, ‘Botanic Garden’ and ‘Millenium Parade’.

Lee Lee-Nam

Lee LeeNam was awarded Best Artist Award and People’s Choice Award at the 3rd Annual Nanjing International Art Festival in 2017. Lee’s signature works include “Parkyeon Waterfall,” what Geomjae Jeongseon called “a rhapsody that flows from the heavens” and “Cartoon-folding screen” which shows many faces of modern civilization inside a classical painting through the display of interaction among cartoon characters, seasonal transformations, icons and symbols of art, society and war.

Lim Chang Min

Korean artist Lim Chang Min combines photography and multimedia in his work. Lim explores history, nature, life, and other permanent themes using multimedia. His works are charactarised by intrinsic logic and calm as well as elegance and peace.

Studio Artech

Studio Artech is at the forefront of media art. The duo artists aim to create new immersive experiences at the intersection of art and technology. They grow together with their audience based on new perspectives of technology and original artistic expression. Studio Artech connects people and technology through art by utilising IOT, AI, data visualisation, hardware module control and more. The ethos of Artech is to create a sense of balance and harmony in everyday life through art.

Lim Yonghyun

A former film and TV producer turned artist, Yonghyun Lim navigates a world dominated by media and information through media art. The main theme of his art is “ambivalence and ambiguity of media” caused by users who reproduce information either on purpose or without critical thinking. In the process of duplication and transformation of information, the data eventually becomes falsified and distorted.


LED.ART is a media art content licensing platform presented by d’strict, a world-class digital design company famous for stunning public media artworks, and CJ CGV, a global digital space experience company. With the concept of ‘MEDIA ART EVERYWHERE’, LED.ART continuously create unique media artworks that could be licensed to various displays including LEDs at affordable prices. Create a new spatial experience by licensing attractive media artworks presented by LED.ART.

Ahn Graphics

Ahn Graphics Group was founded by the renowned Korean typographer Ahn Sang-soo in 1985. Ahn Graphics is a graphic design group specialising in digital experience and creative direction on various platforms, including graphic and identity design, publishing and exhibition, typography research, video and website.

The Trinity

Integrating art is a necessity for any business looking to continue expanding as it moves into the future. THE TRINITY is where the artistic, human and business experiences come together. All projects at THE TRINITY are focused on blending the ‘aura’ of art and the human experience with the business realm.

About the venue

Outernet is an immersive cultural venue located in the heart of London, designed to showcase the best of art, music, entertainment and technology. The venue features a large, state-of-the-art digital screens from floor to ceiling and multiple performance spaces.

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