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Blurred Traces: Beom Jun & Mimi Jeong, at J/M Gallery

Date: Wednesday 14 June - Tuesday 20 June 2023
J/M Gallery | 230 Portobello Road | London W11 1LJ | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Official exhibition notice here
Blurred Traces poster

Gallery M Platform presents the Blurred Traces summer duo exhibition, featuring the abstract artist Beom Jun and the ceramic artist Mimi Jeong. This exhibition represents a conceptual intersection of literature, craftsmanship, and endlessly layered abstract paintings of mountains – resulting in remarkable artworks that convey an ironic and metaphorical expression of their artistic practice.

Sometimes, silence becomes necessary, and during moments of solitude, the artists engage in speechless and serene meditation, striving to create their own utopia. They explore the cyclical nature of repetitive motions, transitioning between emptiness and fulfilment, and tracing the boundaries between language and its meaning. Their body of works also reflect upon the displacement and uncertainty found within the enigmatic spaces and perceptions that exist between the blurred traces of reality and imagination.

Beom Jun: Layered Mountains (2022)
Beom Jun: Layered Mountains (2022). Oil on canvas 61 x 73 cm. Courtesy the gallery and artist

Throughout their artistic process, both artists describe the interior aspects of a painful, cruel, and negative world or space, while ironically presenting the surface of ordinary life as peaceful and beautiful. Employing techniques of gradation with soft and neutral colours, their works intertwine utopia and dystopia, sweetness and cruelty, darkness and brightness, and creation and destruction. Thus leaving blurred traces within the mundane human lives and an ongoing narrative history of humanity and nature. Their profound observations and discoveries naturally arise from their subconsciously layered inspirations and experiences, similar to the ritual practices of monks. As such, their remarkable artistic achievements become an integral part of their own ritual practice, embodying their ideal utopia.

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