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Jisoo Jit Seo: Six Feet Forward, at Art Space Portsmouth

Date: Friday 13 October - Sunday 22 October 2023
Art Space Portsmouth | 27 Brougham Road | Portsmouth PO5 4PA | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | More details here
Exhibition opening times: 13-15 Oct & 20-22 Oct from 11 am – 4 pm
Opening night: Friday 13th October, from 5-8 pm Register via Eventbrite
Artist-Curator in conversation talk: Thursday 19th October, from 7-8 pm (with 6.30 pm open for artists networkng before the talk) Register via Eventbrite
Jisoo Jit Seo: Asexual Reproduction

For the first time in the UK independent curator Vera Hadzhiyska is happy to present a solo show by the Korean artist Jisoo Jit Seo

The exhibition at Art Space Portsmouth will showcase a selection of recent and new works by Jisoo Jit Seo exploring humanity’s relationship to technology in today’s rapidly developing digital world, and how this relationship is reflected in the art we create and consume.

Art is currently undergoing a significant shift driven by artificial intelligence, a key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. This technological advancement challenges traditional notions of human creativity and calls the distinction between human-made and AI-generated art into question. Through her work Jit Seo explores concepts such as post-humanism, which blurs the boundaries between human and machine, and new aesthetics that arise from the integration of technology.

The title of the show “Six Feet Forward” is inspired by Jit Seo’s artwork named “Six Legs” and her sound piece “Something that I wrote while drinking cognac”. They comment on humanity’s strive to escape human limits through the means of technology and AI, eventually growing six legs. “Six Feet Forward” is a play on words of the saying “to put one’s best foot forward” and relates to our constant rush towards progress, development and charging into the future of humankind, art and technology.

Visitors are invited to engage with notions of post-humanism and become part of the exhibition by sharing their ideas (via drawing or text) of what humanity will look like in the future, becoming the epitome of post-human. Audience drawings and writing will be exhibited alongside Jit Seo’s work at Art Space.

We hope that the exhibition will not only provide visual reflections on the subjects but also pose questions and engage visitors in a conversation about the time we live in and the era to come.

About the Artist

Jisoo Jit Seo is a Korean visual artist and an art writer. She explores the relationship between post-humanism, neo-capitalism and the post-internet era. Based on her interest in technology and digital culture, Jit Seo aims to create a visual and auditory discourse about our lives and their impact on the world we live in through photography, sound and text.

Jit Seo holds a MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, UAL and a BA in Textile Design. She is currently a PhD student of the Interdisciplinary Course for Studies of Art at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul. Her work has been exhibited internationally in Korea, Germany and the UK, among others. She received a grant from the Arts Council Korea in 2022 for her project, ‘Softness: An Alternative Paradigm of Technology.‘ | @postseojisoo

About the Curator

Vera Hadzhiyska is a Bulgarian multi-disciplinary artist, curator and photography lecturer based in Portsmouth, England. Her art practice is informed by the study of migration, cultural and national identity, history and collective memory. She examines historical and political events in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, their impact on people’s lives and identity.

Hadzhiyska has a BA and MA degree in Photography from the University of Portsmouth. She has exhibited internationally in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, France and the UK. She is a winner of the VID Foundation of Photography award 2020, Danny Wilson Memorial Award 2022, ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ Arts Council England Grant 2021, and Belfast Exposed Future Curators Award 2023 to name a few. | @verahadzhiyska

The exhibition is organised with the financial support of the British Korean Society

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