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Korean artists at START Art Fair 2023

Hot on the heels of Focus Art Fair at the same location comes the longer-established START Art Fair which this year includes 22 Korean artists in its roster.

Korean artists at START Art Fair 2023

Date: Wednesday 11 October - Sunday 15 October 2023
Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York's HQ | King's Road | London SW3 4RY | | [Map]

Tickets: From £16.56 | Get tickets here
Doowon Lee: A Bird-Shaped U.F.O With Three Legs
Doowon Lee: A Bird-Shaped U.F.O With Three Legs (2023). Paint, oil pastel, Korean ink, acrylic, gouache on cotton cloth, 132 x 190 cm

StART 2023 at Saatchi Gallery will this year present its signature array of exhibiting artists and galleries from around the globe, highlights include Singapore-based Premium Pages Gallery, sculptor Katya Emelyanova and London-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd. Projects this year include the Korean globetrotter Doowon LEE who has been taking the international art-world by storm with his naive and sometimes whimsical signature style. In celebration of the King’s Coronation together with the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts (PFSTA) more than 50 former MA students who graduated during the past decade will be presented in a large gallery space. Cambridge gallery The Art Hound will present a Rock n Roll exhibition featuring the work of Scarlet Page renowned rock photographer and daughter of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. Official Team GB artist Ben Mosely will be live painting during the week of the fair.

Apart from the Doowon Lee project, the following Korean artists will be showing work:

Byoung-gil Jung | Choi Young-mi | Doowon Lee | Gammanzi | Heeju Kim | Hoonsang Lee | Jeah Hyuck | Jeon Hyun-kyung | Jungwan Chae | Kang Hye-jeong | Kang Hui | KIAN84 | Kim Hyeyoun | Kyujong Kim | Kyung Dal-pio | Mignon | Minjoo Yoon | Minjung Kim | Nakta | Regina Kim | Ruby Huh | Park Ki-woong | Seung-Hyun Hwang | Sobac | Somyeong Lim | Summer Green | Yunguk Jo | Gallery M Platform (Beom Jun, So Young Kim)

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