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‘Across the Decades’- an exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts

Date: Thursday 4 July - Saturday 24 August 2024
KCCUK | Grand Buildings | 1-3 Strand | London WC2N 5BW | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Register here for the opening reception
Opening reception: 4 July, 6pm
Members of the National Academy of Arts of the Republic of Korea

Korean art, with its deep roots and boundless vitality, continues to flourish with a passionate drive towards a new future. These 20th-century Korean artists, having grown with a Confucian-centric state as a backdrop to experiencing the modernism and globalisation of the 20th century, have paved new paths with an unparalleled fervour for creative, educational, and institutional achievements, each embodying the rapid cultural development of Korea.

Members of the National Academy of Arts are masters of their respective genres, embodying new traditions of Korean aesthetics amidst a rapidly changing era. The 20th-century Korean art scene represents the sublimation of the human spirit amidst the tumultuous waves of Korea’s modern history, and it stands as a monumental achievement in defining the nation’s cultural identity. Their journey was never without its challenges.

We shall cherish the profound beauty that emerges when the radiant spirits of these artists, from the departed to the living legends meet British audiences. This encounter promises a unique and unforgettable experience filling you with a deep appreciation for the beauty that art brings.

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