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K-Folklore: Past, Present, and Future

Date: Tuesday 2 July 2024, 6pm
KCCUK | Grand Buildings | 1-3 Strand | London WC2N 5BW | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Register here
K-Folklore poster

A showcase featuring Korean traditional art, music, and dance from past, present, and future

I am Ka Youn, a composer from South Korea currently based in London. On 2nd July, 6pm, at the Korean Culture Centre UK, I’m holding a showcase about our traditional culture called K-folklore: past, present, and future. ⁠

This concert will showcase a diverse array of traditional folk art, music, and dance, which traces the evolution of Korean folk arts and their influences on contemporary works by professionals, and commissioned works by emerging artist, dancer, and composer.

The primary goal is to make Korean traditional culture accessible to a diverse audience and open the doors to the opportunities for exploration. ⁠So, join us on the 2nd of July for this celebration of Korean culture, and immerse yourself in exploring the traditional dance, art, and music, along with the exciting creations inspired by them.

Programme Order

Art – “Minhwa” (Folk art produced by unknown artists without formal training)

Past: Sanjo Dance with selection of Minwha
Present: Performance of “A Hill with Trees”, contemporary composition Based on Minwha)
Future: Screening of “Tiger Hunter”, a student short film inspired by Minhwa

Dance – “Fan Dance” (Folk Dance by Kim Baek-Bong)

Past: Fan Dance performance
Present, Future: Premiere of commissioned composition inspired by Fan Dance, performed by professional artists.

Music – “Pungryu” (Musical Entertainment)

Past, Present: Selection of Daepungryu (Musical Entertainment for wood instruments), with commissioned dance inspired by the folk tradition
Future: Nongak (농악 한바탕): Community band music by RCM Players and Professional Musicians, with a commissioned artwork

Total Performance Time: 1 hour
Followed by a brief reception with refreshments: 45 minutes


Professional Artists

Joohee Shin – Daegeum
Junsoo Kim – Janggu
Seungho Kang – Piri
Yerin Lee – Dancer

Emerging Artists

Yunseo Cho – Artist
Ka Youn Yoo – Composer
Yoon Seo Kim – Dancer
RCM Musicians

Created & Presented by Ka Youn Yoo
Technical Supervision by Jason Ahn
Filming by Mark Jacob Sevilla

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