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K-music 2024: Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra x No-Noise

Date: Friday 15 November 2024, 7:45pm
Purcell Room | Southbank Centre | Belvedere Road | London SE1 8XX | | [Map]

Tickets: £18 | Buy tickets here
Five musicians in dark clothing standing solemnly

Find yourself in the bustling centre of a town square with No-Noise’s energetic and distinctive blend of Korean and Western sounds and instruments.

Performing with the outstanding musicians of the Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra (SMTO), No-Noise is a dynamic ensemble led by Lee Il-woo, the visionary behind the post-rock sensation Jambinai, and Sung Si Young, the artistic director and vocalist of the band.

No-Noise seamlessly blends traditional Korean instruments such saenghwang (mouth organ), gayagem (zither with 12 strings), piri (double reed bamboo flute) and jing (large gong) with Western sounds of guitar and synthesiser that amount to pure harmony.

No-Noise’s latest creation, ‘Gwang Gwang, Geong Geong,’ a spellbinding composition inspired by the vibrant energy of ‘Gwangjang’ (town square), a historically significant open space where the voices of the people would converge.

‘Gwang Gwang’ evokes the deep, resonant toll of a grand bell, symbolising the square’s enduring spirit. Then, ‘Geong Geong,’ a Korean onomatopoeia for a loud sound, explodes into a lively cacophony, showcasing No-Noise’s musical talent.

This programme is presented in partnership with the EFG London Jazz Festival and the Sejong Center.

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