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Pulse: Beyond Delight – Seoul-inspired immersive video experience

According to Secret London, and looking at the exhibition’s official website, one or two of the 13 rooms remain unchanged from the Delight exhibition which ran from October 2023 to earlier this month; but most of this exhibition is new.

Pulse: Beyond Delight – Seoul-inspired immersive video experience

Date: Thursday 20 June - Monday 30 September 2024
Borough Yards | 219-221 Clink Street | Southwark | London SE1 9DG | | [Map]

Tickets: From £11.50 | Buy tickets here
Pulse: Beyond Delight - the Matrix

PULSE: Beyond Delight is a media art exhibition that takes you on an immersive journey into the heart of Seoul, reinterpreting the city’s energy and breath through a sharper, more intellectual lens.

Building on the resounding success of Delight, which captivated London audiences for 8 months after its October 2023 opening, PULSE goes beyond, offering a deeper, more introspective exploration of Seoul’s essence. The experience not only captures the pulse and rhythm of the bustling metropolis but also renders its dynamic undulations and evolving trends into a profound artistic language.

Embark on a Transcendental Journey
PULSE transports you to Seoul without ever leaving London. Immerse yourself in stunning, thought-provoking installations that not only showcase the city’s dazzling landscapes but also unveil the authentic tales and spiritual resonance at the core of its residents’ stories. From mythical creatures to ultra-modern cityscapes, PULSE offers a multifaceted, introspective portrait of Seoul that will leave you breathless.

Become One with the City
PULSE invites you to not just observe but to become part of Seoul’s living, breathing fabric. Cut through cutting-edge digital projections that respond to your presence, walk the streets that pulse with the city’s energy, and find yourself reflected in the stories of its people. In PULSE, you are not just a spectator but a participant in Seoul’s ongoing narrative.

A Symphony of Innovation and Tradition
Witness the exquisite harmony of Seoul’s cutting-edge technology and rich traditional art. PULSE employs state-of-the-art media, sound, and light to create an immersive environment that celebrates the city’s heritage while embracing its dynamic future. From avant-garde installations to timeless cultural expressions, PULSE offers a spectrum of experiences that encapsulate Seoul’s vibrant spirit.

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