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Theatre Momzit: Empty Hands, at Battersea Arts Centre

Part of London International Mime Festival:

Theatre Momzit – Empty Hands

27-29 January 2006
Battersea Arts Centre
Director: Yu Jin-gyu
Duration: 55 minutes

Theatre Momzit: Empty Hands

“A beautiful visual theatre performance based on Korean ritual ceremonies and shamanism, accompanied by traditional percussion music.”

● Shaman Sword
The Shaman Sword and the body become one and represent the symbolic image of a spirit.
● Purificatory Water
The mind of a person praying at night with a bowl of purificatory water in front is depicted with candlelight, shadows, and the sound of water.
● Korean Traditional Paper
Korean traditional paper presents such images as the following; its color and quality; light and shadow; appearing and disappearing.
● Incense
There is a contrast; a man wishing for purification amidst the shamanistic music and famished devils gathering near the incense which will enable you to picture an imaginary world.
● Cry of the Bier-bearer
The spirit of a dead man will be shown with the cry of the bier-bearer through Korean traditional funeral ceremony.
● Empty Hands
We come into the world with empty hands and leave it with empty hands.
We may try to hold on, but soon our hands are empty.
Empty Hands…
Can’t we always remain with empty hands

Programme details available from Wandsworth Heritage Service at Battersea Library. See

(automatically generated) We didn’t review this event, but Total Theatre did, here.

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