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Think Korea: Jump comes to the Peacock

An energetic show comes to the Peacock as part of Think Korea 2006.


7 – 26 Feb 2006
Peacock Theatre | Portugal Street | London WC2A 2HT)

Jump banner


2005`s sell-out extravaganza of feet, fists and fun entertains all ages with hilarious, spectacular acrobatics

Key Talent of Show

Presenting Korean new hit show, the spectacular Martial Arts Performance “JUMP”. This dynamic show fuses the ancient Korean fighting arts of Tae-kwon-do with Tae-Kyun and other Asian martial arts. Throw in a dash of acrobatics, and you have one hell of an evening out.

New lets the spectacular acrobatics obscure some fine comic acting.

Previous martial arts shows have focused mostly on the craft, with the technique itself being the show. Jump is Non-Verbal performance that is the first show of its kind to blend martial arts

performance with a compelling and hilarious narrative.

Fantasy and fighting come together as acrobatics and martial arts combine in a dazzling and jaw dropping performance usually seen just on movie screens.

The Story of JUMP

….. a u nu sual family in Seoul , Korea ……… crazy, but still a family.

The Family members, who are under the grandfather ‘ s ‘thumb’, show a new attempt of comedy based on a playful family.

The g randfather insists that traditional morning practice, even on Sundays , is r easonable.

A daughter’s marriage , a surprise visit or and two poor burglars ‘ attempt at br e ak ing in, will keep you glued to your seats.

The choreography and a graceful flight of the imagination combined with martial arts

and acrobatics leave audience s with a new experience born from an impressive performance in the air.

The set design is based on a traditional Korean house. A udience s keep a warm feeling of the Korean family tradition!

Character of JUMP

All the family members are experts of different Martial Arts.

Grandfather – He is a master of all the ancient fighting arts; Tea-Kwon-Do, Tea-kyun, Karate and Hapkido. His movement is as polished as his dentures.

Father – There’s no matching rival with him except the grandfather. It is said that he has the fastest feet in the East, especially if his wife is feeling a bit frisky.

Mother – She says she has never met her match in battle. She has never met her match in beauty. To be honest, she has never met anyone who matches her opinions.

Uncle – His hands can break boards. His legs can smash bones. His feet can crush stones. And after a night on the bottle, his breath can do the same. His personality amazes everybody; his drunken acrobatic and acting skill astounds you.

Daughter – She transforms Martial Arts into a beautiful Dance. She is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Eyes like an angel, the body of goddess. But once she gets mad, no one can stop her.

Son-in-law – An intellectual, and a guy with great knowledge in the arts , but he has two personalities : One of a trembling coward, and the other of a Sexy Hulk. He constantly flips from one to the other. You’ll be amazed at his acting and fighting skills.

Robber I and II – …………well , what can one say? … Clumsy! Wrong house! Wrong time! Wrong job!!!! “Oo op s … how to get away from this crazy family ? ”

Old Man – The stage manager in appearance on the stage. The show is impossible without him.

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