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Never trust KBS. Ever.

Lee Soo Young's 7th album
Lee Soo Young’s 7th album “Grace” will be on the menu on 1 May

Sorry to disappoint you (and myself), but the alleged concert by Lee Soo Young, SG Wannabe etc in London on 24 May is a figment of KBS’s fevered imagination. Trying to find anyone in London who knows anything about Lee Soo Young’s appearance at all is a huge struggle anyway (and details are STILL not on the Fairfield Hall website — only 6 days to go, guys!).

Lee will present `Grace` from her 7th album as well as other songs. After taking part in the event, she will give another concert on May 24 with fellow Korean singers Big Mama, SG Wannabe and Vibe to the accompaniment of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Lee will leave for London on April 30.

says the KBS article. Well, I called the Korean Embassy, who said they had nothing to do with it. They passed me on to the Korean Residents Society in New Malden, who do have something to do with the 1 May concert, but they knew nothing about 24 May. But they were able to confirm that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are going to be in Seoul on 28 May, with LSY, SG Wannabe, Big Mama and Vibe. Ah, I thought. So it could be that they’re doing the gig in London, then re-running it in Seoul. The Korean Residents Society said they would get back to me if they heard anything else. They later phoned back to say that Big Mama and SG Wannabe were going to be in Korea on 24 May. So things aren’t looking good. Meanwhile, in desperation I had rung the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Even though they used to be known for playing in several venues simultaneously, I thought their admin office might know where some of their musicians might be towards the end of May. They were able to tell me that unfortunately the RPO were going to be in Korea already on 24 May. They’re doing 5 gigs in Korea with all the above performers. But not in London. They mentioned the 1 May concert in Croydon. And they also mentioned that there had been plans for a big bash in the Albert Hall on 21 April — which got moved to Croydon on 1 May.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is as follows:

  • if you want to see Lee Soo Young, go to Croydon on 1 May.
  • if you want to see Big Mama, SG Wannabe and Vibe, go to Korea. And
  • never trust KBS ever, ever again.

3 thoughts on “Never trust KBS. Ever.

  1. Hey thanks for linking me O_o! Anyways, I can’t believe how misleading that article is… I know a few people who were excited about this concert only to be let down….

  2. Aigoo aigoo stupid KBS…. But thanks for the information. I was really looking forward to going to see LSY, SG Wannabe etc, such a let down.
    fingers crossed that sometime in the future they will have a K pop concert in london with more K pop artists…but i am guessing my fav artist kangta can’t come since he is going to be shipped off to the milatary soon for 2 whole years:(

  3. Don’t forget there’s Crying Nut playing on 20 May, plus LSY on 1 May. I’ll definitely be there for Crying Nut, and debating whether to go to the concert on 1 May.

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