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Mayday transport wanted

Lee Soo Young's 7th - GraceAs I write this, I’m listening to Lee Soo Young’s 7th Album. And while there are elements which are identifiably and obviously Korean (someone needs to do a detailed analysis of the harmonic progressions in Korean romantic popular music to substantiate the claim that there is such a thing as identifiably Korean music, but there are things going on which I was told never to do in my ‘O’ level harmony lessons. I often notice this in K-pop and soundtracks to K-film, and whenever I do so there’s a sharp intake of breath, so conditioned am I to my schoolboy training. But I’m afraid my aural ability has never been up to scratch, so I’m unable to say whether it’s doubled thirds or V – IV chord shifts or something else that I’m subconsciously objecting to) I would be willing to bet money that the title track is inspired by the vocal techniques of Andrea Corr of that rather fine band, The Corrs. (OK I know it’s probably not cool to like them, but I do). Anyway, thus far, apart from the dreadfully lame introductory instrumental track it’s an OK album.

All of which has led me to fork out £27.50 plus internet booking fee (WHAT? Shouldn’t it be cheaper to buy over the web?) of £2.25 to purchase the right to sit in C26 of the Fairfield Hall in Croydon on Monday night: such is my selfless dedication to immersing myself in Korean culture and then trying to give expression to it on this site. But I have a problem. The Fairfield Hall seems to be nowhere near a train station, and I don’t have any wheels. I don’t mind taking a minicab there, but the thought of roaming around darkest Croydon in the middle of the night (I’m sure the concert will overrun) trying to find a dodgy minicab home doesn’t appeal. So — does anyone know anyone who is going, and wouldn’t mind giving me a lift back to somewhere in SW London from where I can ring for a cab to take me home, or easily pick up a black cab? Please email me if so. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Also, I was meant to be doing something during the daytime on Bank Holiday Monday, which is why originally I wasn’t going to go to the Korean concert — it’s a bit antisocial to take out the whole day. So if anyone wants to support the event I really SHOULD be going to (an interfaith study day at the National Portrait Gallery, put on by a body I’m involved with – I’m not sure that they’ll be talking about disrespectful images of the prophet, but art and representation in religion is pretty topical right now) please do go along to that in my place.

I’m now on track 9 of the LSY album, and it’s still good.

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