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London Korean Festival 2006 – we need news now!!

Tae-min, please, pretty please, post something about the festival on your website soon. Do you know how long it takes google find a new or updated page? Nor do I, but in theory I guess the minimum is more or less instantaneous, and the maximum is infinite — it just depends on where the googlebot’s random walk takes it. Google found most of the pages on my site within about two weeks (though it hasn’t found the blog pages yet). And we’re now 3 weeks away from the first festival event. People are googling “London Korean Film Festival 2006” now. Your site is not appearing in the results because the words aren’t on your site yet.

2006 London Korean Festival website
The 2006 London Korean Festival website front page, when it finally went online (

We don’t need full details of the festival. You can post those when CJ lets you know what films they’re sending. But right now the only information on the festival on the web is on this site, Jase’s at and Darcy’s at I just learned from bitter experience (the non-existent Lee Soo Young concert on 24 May) that relying on second- and third-hand news on websites is unreliable: we need it on your site.

It doesn’t take long. We only need a few words to confirm to netizens that the festival is happening, the dates, the venue. If it takes more than half an hour, you need to simplify your website technology. I know you’re really busy with organising things, but I think it would be half an hour well spent.

We’re all really looking forward to the festival, and know it will be a huge success. Don’t work too hard, and I’ll buy you several beers when it’s all over.

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