Korean marketing

There’s been an awful lot of Korean stuff going on this year. In the UK, All Eyes on Korea, Korea putting up a good showing in the Olympics, Im Kwon Taek in town, Lee Byung hun and BIGBANG coming soon, a huge art show at the Saatchi… and everywhere you turn there’s a certain rapper […]


The pizza ad that has got academics and bloggers talking

by Philip Gowman 13 November 2011
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Do pizza boxes appear in ancient Korean buddhist statues? The Mr Pizza ad that has got academics and bloggers talking: http://t.co/mbaFqyXP Photo credit: Wake up and Laugh, where you can find the real meaning of the distinctive headwear.

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Korea.net is looking for bloggers

by Philip Gowman 19 February 2011
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Korea.net, the Korean government’s online gateway, launched a blog earlier this year at http://blog.korea.net/. They currently have five experienced contributors, but they’re looking to expand their range of content providers by opening up their blog to new applicants. The aim of The Korea Blog is to show the contemporary side of Korea and its culture […]

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Korea Times and National Branding

by Philip Gowman 14 October 2008
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The Korea Times is currently running an interesting series of articles on Korea’s national brand. The paper has asked a number of foreigners – branding, business, tourism and advertising specialists – to comment on Korea’s perception overseas. Some of the writers are uniquely qualified to provide insights: Simon Anholt, for example, is the man who […]

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Korean publicity: could do better

by Philip Gowman 8 March 2008

This post has been simmering in my brain for a while. And it’s been through many versions. The version I choose to publish here is simply a listing of factual observations. The version that would be much more satisfying to write would be the extended rant that speculates as to why it is that Koreans […]

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The Han Style campaign

by Philip Gowman 23 October 2007
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Realising that the Hallyu may not last for ever, and recognising that the best marketers do not stake the financial health of the company on just one product, the Culture and Tourism ministry earlier this year decided to diversify their product portfolio. Recognising that some of the key differentiating features of Korean culture are designated […]

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Think Korea 2006 – your feedback requested

by Philip Gowman 10 January 2007

Alice Bennell, Peter Corbishley and I went round to the Embassy yesterday to give some feedback to the organisers of Think Korea 2006. We discussed many of the issues set out in my post of 30 December. We briefly talked about the embassy’s recently re-launched website. I visited it today and found that they are […]

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Korean marketing moves up a level

by Philip Gowman 19 October 2006

Yesterday’s (London) Times had a surprise in store. At the bottom of the front page was a promise of the following material in the supplement: “Dear Bel Mooney: I need sex by arrangement”. But the supplement was not the usual Times2. It was a 12-page “Focus Report” on South Korea — A cultural rebirth. It […]

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Korean Ceramics: Arts and Techniques. Or, Why don’t people talk to each other?

by Philip Gowman 26 May 2006
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KOREAN CERAMICS: ARTS AND TECHNIQUES TALK BY DAUPHINE SCALBERT Thursday 25 May 2006, 6.30-7.30pm at Asia House Dauphine Scalbert is a distinguished French potter who, having spent 6 years studying pottery and restoring antique ceramics in Korea, has Korean pots in her blood. Her copiously illustrated talk at Asia House last night was an interesting […]

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London Korean Festival 2006

by Philip Gowman 28 April 2006

Tae-min, please, pretty please, post something about the festival on your website soon. Do you know how long it takes google find a new or updated page? Nor do I, but in theory I guess the minimum is more or less instantaneous, and the maximum is infinite — it just depends on where the googlebot’s […]

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Think, Korea

by Philip Gowman 27 April 2006
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I can’t help feeling that the Koreans have been taken for a bit of a ride with this Think Korea 2006 thing. I’d be interested to know for sure which government is investing more money in the programme, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s the Koreans. And let’s look at who’s getting what […]

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Korean marketing skills

by Philip Gowman 26 April 2006
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Korea may be the most wired nation on earth (or is it the second-most?), but Koreans in London have yet to embrace new technology. As noted in previous rants, there has been absolutely nothing official on the web which gives any decent information on the Korean concert in Croydon on 1 May. Well, yesterday I […]

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by Philip Gowman 25 April 2006

I’m turning into one of those grumpy old men who gets annoyed by the stupidest of things. A very trivial rant today prompted by the latest delivery from YesAsia (I’m mugging up in preparation for the K-pop concert which I hope is happening on 24 May but which no-one apart from KBS seems to know […]

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Frustration at more examples of poor Korean organisation

by Philip Gowman 12 April 2006
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Thanks to Hyun-ho Khang for letting me know about a Korean performance by the Royal Philharmonic at the Fairfield Halls on the Mayday bank holiday. And absolutely no marks to the organisers of Think Korea 2006 and the Fairfield Halls for not publishing the programme. The RPO’s website doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of the […]

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