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Think Korea website now up & running

Think Korea banner

It’s taken a while, but here it is:

It seems to be part of the Korean Embassy website. And it’s now coming up on google. It must be a recent creation, because I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve googled in search of “Think Korea 2006” and only found my own site.

There’s a couple of events on their schedule which I hadn’t heard about – a contemporary video art event during May, which obviously we’ve now missed; and an event at the Bloomsbury Theatre in September, which the Bloomsbury Theatre website doesn’t seem to know anything about yet. Other than that I think I’d managed to capture all the events by various alternative means.


Here’s a link to the Exposed website to judge what you missed. The still on the Think Korea website of a giant hand parking some cars looks very similar to a piece of video art which was shown as part of the Korean Festival last year – a pair of giant hands manipulating a building site in the process of constructing an open-air concert stage. I wish I’d known about it before.

I’ll post more information on the September event at the Bloomsbury when I find out more about it. Meanwhile, if any of you know of any Korean-related events out there, do let me know. And I’ll update LKL, for archival purposes, with the event notices I’ve missed, in case the Think Korea website goes offline at any time in the future.

UPDATE: since posting the above I came across the catalogue of last year’s video art show at the London Korean Festival. The artist in question is June Bum Park.

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