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  • Booklist: North Korean Art (7 titles)
    • North Korea – Natural Beauty @Mall Galleries

      The second outing this year for Paul and Teresa Song’s quality collection of North Korean artworks: North Korea: Natural Beauty 6 – 11 November 2018 10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day) Mall Galleries | The Mall | London SW1 | Highlighting the talent and culture of Chosun (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea), this … [Read More]

      Film review: I am Sun Mu, at Raindance

      It’s always nice when you are rewarded for staying at the end of a movie to read the credits. Among the names credited for the soundtrack of Adam Sjöberg’s documentary film I am Sun Mu is kayagum player Jung Ji-eun, a well-known player and teacher based in New Malden. It was also nice that she … [Read More]

      North Korean artists paint London scenes, on show at the DPRK embassy

      Seven years ago, artists from Pyongyang’s Mansudae Studios came to London with a wide range of works in a variety of genres. There were ceramics, oils, chosonhwa, embroidery, and of course the images that caught everyone’s attention: the propaganda posters. The location was opposite the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall. This week, a different … [Read More]

      Mansudae Artists to visit London from DPRK in November

      Some readers may remember the ground-breaking exhibition of work by artists from Pyongyang’s Mansudae Art Studios opposite the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall way back in 2007. As part of that exhibition, three North Korean artists came to London to greet visitors to the gallery. Here’s some of LKL’s coverage of the exhibition. David … [Read More]