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Sculpting with Fire: artist talk with Jihyun Kim

The theme of ‘K-Art Now’ this year is ‘Colour and Material’. Please join us for an enchanting artist talk with Jihyun Kim, a Korean ceramic designer based in London, as she unveils the secrets behind her mesmerising aesthetic and explores the allure of color, texture, and mysticism in the realm of ceramics. Jihyun’s artistic series … [Read More]

Shin Chul: Objects for Propriety, at Han Collection

Han Collection are thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition, “Objects for Propriety,” a solo show for the contemplative works of renowned ceramic master Shin Chul. Hosted at the gallery space from 18th April to 11th May 2024, this exhibition promises an immersive journey into the timeless allure and cultural depth of Korean ceramic art. “Objects … [Read More]

Jaejun Lee: The Blue in Pots

Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist who has been living and working in Cardiff since 2018. His porcelain works are a balance of functionality and beauty: meticulous, exquisite, meditations on form and process. His work is centred around the ideas of functionality and beauty, with the aim of enriching and enhancing the user’s everyday life. … [Read More]

Korean crafts at Collect 2024

Collect, now in its 20th year, offers collectors an opportunity to acquire new, museum-quality handcrafted artworks from some of 21st Century’s finest craft talent. As in previous years, there is a strong Korean representation, with five Korea-specialist galleries exhibiting. You will also find individual Korean artists in galleries without a country focus: Gallery Sklo Booth: … [Read More]

From the Earth: Korean ceramic figures, at Han Collection

Throughout Korean history, sculptural works depicting humans and animals have served as more than mere representations of their subjects; they have been vessels of greater significance. Beyond their physical attributes, these sculptures carry narratives, cultural ethos, and societal values, offering glimpses into the intricate tapestry of Korean tradition. For this exhibition, Han Collection presents an … [Read More]

Elegance in Porcelain: Exploring the Legacy of Joseon Dynasty White Ceramics

White porcelain held immense value during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It symbolised not only the Royal family and intellectuals’ pursuit of moderation, dignity, and freedom but also embodied the aspirations and pride of the Joseon people. Furthermore, it served as a potent symbol of Joseon’s power, encapsulating the life, dreams, and pride of its citizens. … [Read More]

Shin Sang-ho: The Mind of a Master, at Han Collection

Shin Sang-ho is a renowned ceramic artist from South Korea who is known for his unique style that combines traditional Korean pottery techniques with contemporary design. Born in 1947 in Gyeonggi Province, Shin Sang-ho studied ceramics at Hongik University in Seoul and has since become one of the most prominent ceramic artists in the country. … [Read More]

Moon Jar: The Untold Story, at Cromwell Place

The Moon Jar is a sculptural form that became an icon in contemporary ceramic history and is celebrated in both the UK and Korea. Echoing the shape of a floating full moon, the traditional white Moon Jar, made from two porcelain hemispheres, dates back to the Joseon Dynasty (14th-19th centuries). Historically the Moon Jar has … [Read More]

Collect 2023

Lloyd Choi Gallery Booth: East Wing E7 | Webpage Lloyd Choi Gallery represents craftsmanship-led contemporary Korean artists and designers. The gallery believes in the power of art to enlighten, a concept rooted firmly in Korean tradition. The thorough knowledge of materials, the masterful skill and meditative processes create an alchemic reaction that moves beyond the … [Read More]