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Korean publicity: could do better

This post has been simmering in my brain for a while. And it’s been through many versions. The version I choose to publish here is simply a listing of factual observations. The version that would be much more satisfying to write would be the extended rant that speculates as to why it is that Koreans don’t give suitable publicity to their events. I have composed that rant in my head, and have had great fun doing so. But for the moment I’ve spiked it, because I want to remain on speaking terms with the various organisers of Korean cultural activities in the UK.

So here are the observations.

2006. London Korean Festival not publicised until two weeks before the event
2006. Lee Soo Young performance only advertised to Korean community
2006. London Korean Film Festival sprung on us with a week to go
2007. Lim Hyung-joo concert only advertised to Korean community
2007. Thames Festival and Chuseok events not publicised until two weeks before the event
2008. Kim Soo Hee performance only advertised to Korean community
2008. KCC’s first gallery talk only advertised in a press release, not on the KCC events listing
2008. KCC’s first film screening advertised by the Japanese Society 6 days before it’s up on the KCC website
2008. Gallery talk announced only three days before the event.

Does anyone spot a trend here?

Lest anyone should think that this is a London phenomenon, the Kim Ki-young retrospective in New York’s Lincoln Center was recently announced, just 7 days before the event.

What I find particularly puzzling is that the organisers of all these events know perfectly well that people like as much notice as possible; they also know that there are ways of publicising their events for free and they are given ample opportunity to do so.

I like conundrums. Koreans provide them a-plenty.

And just to show I’m not biased, I should highlight a rare lapse by the Korea Discussion Group convened by Chatham House: is 11 days sufficient notice for a talk by former UK ambassador Warwick Morris on 17 March?

One thought on “Korean publicity: could do better

  1. Fortunately I have no such inhibitions myself. If I didn’t like Korea I wouldn’t still be here eight years later, but everything being done at the last minute is STILL one of my biggest gripes about this place! 🙂

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