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Kim Soo-hee comes to London

In a top-secret event known only to selected members of the New Malden Korean community, Trot star Kim Soo-hee (below) is coming to London. She will be performing at St John’s Smith Square on 26 January at 7:30pm. The event is sponsored by one of the local Korean newspapers. The event is so secret that it is not even advertised on the St John’s website.

My spies had to work overtime to deliver the goods on this one…

Kim Soo-hee

Update 17 January 2pm
Although the full details of the concert are not on the St John’s website yet (on the “What’s on” pages), you can now book tickets for it by following the “Book Online” link on their site. I spoke to their box office who were very apologetic (“It’s all a bit last minute” they observed. I couldn’t possibly comment…)

The concert is priced at about the same level as the Lim Hyung-joo concert last year: ie expensive. I suppose someone’s got to pay the artist’s air ticket. £30 gets you an unreserved seat.


(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

2 thoughts on “Kim Soo-hee comes to London

  1. looks like i missed out totally on this one. Hey id like to ask. if i wanted to get a kpop singer (BoA, Big Mama) to perform in London. What of things/campaigns would i have to go through? There are enough kpop-asian music fans in london, its just getting the artists funding and sponsering. Any advice would be brilliant.

  2. You missed a treat. It was awesome.

    BoA and Big Mama wouldn’t come cheap – and there’s only a limited amount of funding!

    As it happens though, I was talking to Justina Jang of the KPCA who is organising this year’s Dano Festival Event in Trafalgar Square (8 June). She wants to do something a bit poppier this year in addition to the more traditional stuff. I said, “why not bring BoA over”, but we both thought that it might stretch the funding a bit too far. Maybe we could get Hite to cough up a bit of cash…

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