Rollercoaster # 2: Il Sang Da Ban Sa

Rollercoaster # 2: Il Sang Da Ban Sa(July 2000)


One of those annoying albums where it’s hard to say which track is your favourite. You listen to one and think it’s the best; and then the next track comes along and you change your mind. Probably my least favourite is the repetitive and slightly twee title track which closes the album.

Mr Kwang describes Rollercoaster as lounge music, which I think is a bit derogatory. This album covers the ground which lies between acid jazz and funk. Jo Won-sun’s laid-back vocals are a pleasure to listen to, but the instrumental numbers are equally appealing. It’s not hugely demanding music to listen to; it just has you humming along and brings a smile to your face. Which is what you want some of the time. This album probably has less variety of styles than the debut, but is equally consistent in quality.

You can see a couple of videos from this album at Rollercoaster’s site here.

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