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Rollercoaster # 4: Sunsick

Rollercoaster: Sunsick(March 2004)


A glorious mix of acid jazz, funk, fusion and latin. The latin element is new to this album. The fact that Tyle Brule, the FT’s dude in the fast lane, has it on his iPod, adds to its street cred. Brule’s been living with the album since the end of 2004 and still likes it 18 months later, so it has some staying power. I also remember that a year or so ago he was fronting a media show on TV called The Desk, and it always had a slot for the six coolest things that he had come across that week. One of them was a video from Sunsick – which I’ve failed to find anywhere online.

Sunsick frontBrule highlights the third track, Rainbow, but there isn’t really a weak spot on the album. My own favourite is the fourth track, 거짓말, which is slightly slower in tempo and has some wonderful understated guitar playing, while the bass playing reminds me of Marcus Miller’s style.

Overall, there’s great tunes, good singing, and a pleasant mix of acoustic and electronic instruments.

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