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Exhibition news: Through the Looking Glass, at Asia House

A major exhibition with associated events, as part of Think Korea 2006:

Through the Looking Glass

23rd November 2006 – 3rd March 2007 (Monday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm)
ASIA HOUSE 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP (0207 307 5454)
Press View: 22 November, 10am – 12pm
Opening Reception: 22 November, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Artists: Kyuchul Ahn, Duck-Hyun Cho, Jeong-Hwa Choi, Yeondoo Jung, Beom Kim, Jiwon Kim, Sora Kim, Youngjin Kim, Yong-Baek Lee and Meekyoung Shin

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Asia House is delighted to present the first major UK exhibition of Korean contemporary art in the year of Think Korea 2006, celebrating the diplomatic relationship between the UK and Korea. Through the Looking Glass derives its title from the second adventure of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. As Alice encounters a new world with its own rules when she steps through the looking glass, the exhibition encourages the viewer to experience exciting and dynamic Korean contemporary art works created in Korea today.

Stefan Kosciusko, Chief Executive of the Asia House said, “This exhibition presents Korean contemporary art at its most cutting edge – the Korean economy is also very vibrant. Observers of both should take notice and recognize that Korea is one of the leading countries in the world.”

Curated by independent curator Jiyoon Lee, Through the Looking Glass will feature works by both emerging and established contemporary artists from Korea in an exhibition that will weave through the Asia House building. The exhibited works, including video, installation, sculpture and painting, are inspired by the memory of dislocation and displacement in recent Korean history that has changed the psychological and geographical boundaries of Korea over the past century.

Through the Looking Glass includes five new works by Duck-Hyun Cho (painting and photography), Jeong-Hwa Choi (installation), Sora Kim (installation), Yong-Baek Lee (new media) and Mee-Kyoung Shin (sculpture). These exciting commissions show the full diversity and innovation of Korean contemporary art, which has in recent years established a high profile on the international art scene.

The exhibition includes bespoke furniture, ‘Room Salon’, in Cafe t at Asia House by Jeong-Hwa Choi, which will replace the existing chairs and tables at the cafe. These specially-designed works will be available for sale exclusively at Asia House.

Asia House is one of the premier pan Asian organizations in Britain, promoting a greater understanding of the rich and varied Asian cultures and economies. We run a lively programme of approximately 125 events annually covering Asian business, politics, and the visual and performing arts. The Asia House gallery brings together both emerging and established Asian artists and curators in a programme of four major exhibitions every year.

Jiyoon Lee is an independent curator, critic and lecturer based in London . Her focus is on the diverse cultural engagement between Asia and Europe . Projects include ‘ London Underground’ at Sungkok Art Museum (Seoul 2001) and the Taipei Fine Art Museum (2002); ‘east of eden’ at Victoria Miro Project Space (London 2003); ‘Seoul Until Now’ at Charlottenbourg Exhibition Hall (Copenhagen 2005). Recent exhibitions have included a site-specific new media project, ‘Exposed’ (London, 2006) and ‘Tate of Two Cities’, co-curated for the Busan Biennale (Busan, 2006).

Through the Looking Glass has been made possible with the generous support of LG Electronics, the Korea Foundation, Sung Joo Group, ARKO and Standard Chartered Bank.

LG Electronics is one of the world’s leading global digital companies with a strong reputation for producing innovative and reliable products of the highest standards for their international customers. As part of their ongoing enthusiasm and support for the visual arts, LG Electronics have been actively involved with international contemporary art and design. LG Electronics is proud to support Through the Looking Glass, introducing innovative and thought-provoking Korean contemporary art to an international audience.

Events Programme

All events take place at Asia House. Admission: Members and concessions £4. Non-members, £7

Saturday 25th November, 10.30am-1pm: Panel Discussion, moderated by Jiyoon Lee, curator of Through the Looking Glass, with guest speakers and selected artists.

The discussion will focus on the debates and ideas that currently exist in the practice of Korean contemporary art and its impact on the international art scene.

Monday 11th December 6.45-7.45pm: Lecture by Jim Hoare and Jiyoon Lee. Jim Hoare is a pioneering diplomat who opened the British Embassy in Pyongyang in 2001. Jiyoon Lee is an independent curator, writer and lecturer, and curator of Through the Looking Glass .

The conversation will be centred on the impact the divided Korea has had on the art practice of Korean artists.

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