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2019 Travel Diary #1: Seoul

This year I decided to ease myself into the Korea trip gently: an evening plus a half-day in Seoul before heading off to visit friends elsewhere on the peninsula. I didn’t know how much energy I’d have when I landed, but had made tentative arrangements to meet up with London-based artist Bongsu Park, possibly with … [Read More]

Exhibition visit: Korean artists at APT8

The Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) has been hosting the Asia Pacific Triennial since 1993. The exhibition features artists from all over the region, and Korea has been represented from the start. The triennial is spread over two buildings (the QAG itself and the nearby Gallery of Modern Art which opened in 2006) which collectively are … [Read More]

Choi Jeong-hwa in Paris

If you can’t wait for the start of L’Année France-Corée later this month, you can catch an installation of one of Choi Jeong-hwa’s inflatable Lotus Flowers in La Villette Park in Paris until 13 September. Source: Korea Joongang Daily [Read More]

A brief tour of the Korean galleries at Art 14

Korean artists and galleries put on a good show at Art14, and got plenty of attention from the press. Time Out spotted (they were hard to miss) Choi Jeong-hwa’s huge collection of colourful pieces which looked like giant hubble-bubbles, installed at Hong Kong’s Pearl Lam Galleries. Also recommended in the same article was 43 Inverness … [Read More]

A Soldier’s Tale at Asia House

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War, a new exhibition opens next week at Asia House: A Soldier’s Tale Exhibition – 130 Years of Friendship, 60 Years of Memories Presented by ISKAI Contemporary Art, at Asia House 8 – 20 July 2013 10.00-18.00 Mon – Sat A Soldier’s Tale is an … [Read More]

Choi Jeong-hwa: a summer on the South Bank

The summer is over, and Chuseok approaches. The gay green baskets and balloons which adorned the drab concrete pillars beneath the Hayward Gallery and Queen Elizabth Hall during the Olympics period have been packed away. Here’s a reminder of what was there. Choi Jeong-hwa supervises the inflation of the spiral balloons for his installation Life-Life … [Read More]

Surprise and a sense of fun: the UK’s gateway to Korean culture

Jennifer Barclay visits the Korean Cultural Centre on its first birthday, experiences Choi Jeong-hwa’s exhibition, and meets the KCC’s director, Kyuhak Choi. It’s been a few months since I visited the Korean Cultural Centre, so I’m pleasantly surprised to be surprised by it again. I arrive to find stern armed guards in helmets staring at … [Read More]

Shine a Light on KCC’s first birthday

It’s coming up to Seollal, the start of the year of the Ox, and it’s also the KCC’s first birthday. It is a Korean tradition for the babe to dress up in a birthday hanbok and select symbolic items from a table laden with food and symbolic objects – the object that the infant selects … [Read More]

Good Morning, Mr Choi

Congratulations to Choi Kyuhak and all at the Korean Cultural Centre UK on the opening of their very splendid new premises off Trafalgar Square. The formal opening ceremony took place on 30 January – a report is coming soon from Jennifer – and there was another party last night to launch their first cultural event, … [Read More]

Book review: J Scott Burgeson — Korea Bug

J Scott Burgeson: Korea Bug Eunhaeng Namu, Seoul, 2005 A recent article in the JoongAng daily about a foreigner in Seoul who hasn’t made himself popular with hypersensitive and volatile Korean netizens introduced me to a gem. Burgeson, a foreigner who has been in Seoul since 1996 is one of the more unusual expats out … [Read More]