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Choi Jeong-hwa: a summer on the South Bank

The summer is over, and Chuseok approaches. The gay green baskets and balloons which adorned the drab concrete pillars beneath the Hayward Gallery and Queen Elizabth Hall during the Olympics period have been packed away.

Here’s a reminder of what was there.

Choi Jeong-hwa supervises the inflation of the spiral balloons for his installation Life-Life (photo courtesy KCCUK – taken on 30 May 2012)

Choi Jeong-hwa supervises life-life

The final installation was extremely colourful… (photo courtesy KCCUK – taken on 30 May 2012)

Choi Jeong-hwa: Life-life (2012)

… for a day. Because the balloons soon burst… (Photo: LKL – taken on 31 May 2012)

Life Life on 31 May 2012

… littering the ground like spring blossom. (Photo: LKL – taken on 31 May 2012)

Life-life burst balloons

Given their vulnerability, it was probably a good thing that the original concept – for 20,000 coloured balloons to be hung on the trees on the approach to Hungerford Bridge – was vetoed by the planning authorities. The original concept for Time After Time

Choi Jeong-hwa concept for Time After Time

… was also deemed too ambitious or dangerous by the jobsworths. But the final approved concept had the advantage of brightening up the dullest part of the South Bank complex… (photo: LKL)

Choi Jeong-hwa Time after Time

… though not everyone knew what to make of it all (photo: LKL).

Time after Time

But none of this would have been possible without the many volunteers (photo courtesy KCCUK)



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