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Park Jung-hyun #5: On & On

Lena Park Vol 5

Lena Park (박정현) delivers a top-notch R&B album with no real weak spots. Some of the numbers could come straight from a Lee Soo-young album – big orchestral sound backing a great tune – while others are more internationally inspired. There are some almost celtic influences – shades of Enya (at the slower end) and the Coors (at the more up-tempo end) infuse some of the songs; while there’s a very unusual 6th track which has a laid-back male close-harmony group backing a lounge-style jazz vocal.

Generally sensitive orchestrations, with minimal use of that infuriating tinkly thing, and commendably restrained use of the “it’s-the-last-chorus-so-let’s-shift-up-a-key” cliché.

Release date 2005


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