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LKL has landed…

… sort of. It was a bumpy landing. On the basis of 5 minute’s playing:

  • I’ve lost all the BlogWatch feeds (easy to fix).
  • Spam Karma doesn’t like you commenting. Don’t know what’s going on there. I’ve also had my email inbox deluged with 300 spam comments to moderate. Probably a related challenge. So I’ve switched off SK until I do know what’s going on. Hopefully Akismet and Bad Behaviour will keep out the worst rubbish.
  • I’ve lost support for Korean script. A real pain.
  • I think that all you fine people who subscribe to my blog feeds will have to resubscribe. Sorry about that. Just guessing. You may be alright.

At least email seems to be up and running.

Please report any other bugs you find by emailing or leaving a comment below.

Update 10 March

  • Another bug: the Stars plugin doesn’t seem to be working for new posts on this host, though it seems to be working fine for posts made at the old host. Oops. The reason why it wasn’t working is that I can’t type.
  • Still working on the Korean language problem. The folks who moved my site can’t seem to fix it.

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