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It’s August. The office isn’t as busy as usual. My brain isn’t being used as much as it normally is, and it needs to find an outlet. So it’s the month when, if there are things that need doing to the design or coding of the website, I turn my mind to it. The last […]


Introducing the LKL Taxonomy Deep Dive

by Philip Gowman 10 September 2012
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Usually during the summer months there are some tweaks to LKL’s look. Sometimes it’s a major upgrade – a completely new theme for example. Three summers ago we upgraded from Scott Wallick’s Plaintxt templates to Thesis. Two summers ago we went down from two sidebars to one to simplify the look. Last summer we introduced […]

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KCNA’s typography guidelines are a geek’s nightmare

by Philip Gowman 29 July 2012
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The KCNA’s typography guidelines for displaying the names of the three Kims, at least on their domain, are keeping their typesetters unnecessarily busy. Whenever Kim Jong Un’s name is displayed it has to be in a bigger font size than the surrounding text, and it is not permitted to be broken by a carriage […]

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The annual LKL site overhaul

by Philip Gowman 2 October 2011
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August is usually the month when I tweak LKL’s look and feel with a new theme or new functionality. This year, I’m a month late – the delay being caused mainly by the complexity of unpicking the coding behind the Thesis theme which I use. My task this year was to re-jig the way I […]

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LKL v4 launched

by Philip Gowman 4 August 2009
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Really pleased with the look of the new LKL front page. Now, if only I could figure out custom templates to get blogwatch working again… #

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Welcome to LKL 4.2

by Philip Gowman 18 September 2008
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Welcome to LKL 4.2. Regular readers will have noticed the design change I made over the weekend, which I’ve been playing with on my test site for a while. In the past I’ve consciously kept the LKL front page as boring-looking as possible: when I launch the front page at work I don’t want to […]

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Another tweak

by Philip Gowman 19 August 2008
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So soon after the release of v4, here’s 4.1. My brain has been unable to stop fretting over getting better navigability on this site, including encouraging people to read more than the one article they land on when they google-search for a pic of Super Junior. First came the related post list a few days […]

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Welcome to LKL v4

by Philip Gowman 17 August 2008
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It may not look like a big change, but it’s been exercising my mind for a few weeks. The underlying change is an upgrade of my blog templates to take advantage of all the latest functionality of WP2.6. LKL’s look and feel is based on Scott Wallick’s plaintxt templates. Scott faithfully upgrades his templates to […]

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I think we’re just about done

by Philip Gowman 5 April 2008

So I think I’ve now stabilised things at my new webhost. I can now start thinking about all the improvements I’ve been meaning to try, including: Improving the navigation with drop-down menus to make browsing easier. Maybe people might stay and have a look round once they’ve found their picture of Super Junior. Finding the […]

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Optimise your website. Lose readers. Gain revenue

by Philip Gowman 5 April 2008

A lot was going on in LKL during March. I’ve been setting up test blogs on my server; I’ve been testing new plugins; I’ve been exporting my database and reimporting it every which way. I’ve been playing with different versions of WordPress. All this in preparation for the move. I also installed the All-in-one SEO […]

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The LKL move, or, how I moved webhosts, changed my URI, cleaned up my database and upgraded my WordPress installation in ten not very easy steps

by Philip Gowman 5 April 2008

… and why I haven’t been posting much content over the past few weeks. It may seem strange to offer a “how-to-move-your-website” article when my own upgrade was less than seamless. Part of my trouble was that I was trying to do several things at once. Move webhost from a shared host to my own […]

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Moving WordPress from a shared host to a VPS

by Philip Gowman 5 April 2008

Many of the lessons I learned moving to my new VPS could apply to moving between any shared webhosts. I’ve got a separate post on that here. This post is all about the additional lessons relevant to moving up a step on the webhosting ladder. First, an obvious lesson. It’s scary. In my first attempt, […]

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LKL has (crash) landed

by Philip Gowman 31 March 2008

If you can read this post on my website, it’s because, magically, I’ve managed to land LKL at the right airport. I might even have landed on the right runway. But I know in advance that I’ll have skidded off the end of the runway, or might have damaged the gantry on the terminal building. […]

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LKL is on the move (again)

by Philip Gowman 30 March 2008

You may have noticed a significant drop-off in content over the past few weeks, and particularly over the Easter weekend. That’s because I’ve finally been turning my mind to moving the site to a new webhost. I know I’m going to encounter all sorts of problems, and I’ve been doing dummy runs of the move […]

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New Year’s resolutions

by Philip Gowman 2 January 2008

1 I will free myself from the daily post Having managed to maintain one post per day for the past 15 months or so, even when on holiday, I’ve now proved to myself I can do it. To be honest, it’s never been much of a struggle to find something to write about, and it’s […]

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Dokkaebi ate my post

by Philip Gowman 13 September 2007

I’m not sure what happened to today’s post. I definitely wrote it last night, and scheduled it for publication this lunchtime, but somehow it’s vanished into the ether. It’s nowhere to be found in the database; google desktop hasn’t cached it; and altogether it’s as if yesterday’s labours were in vain. I’ll just have to […]

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Upgrade to WP2.2.3 completed

by Philip Gowman 9 September 2007

Please report any bugs by leaving a comment below. Apologies for the temporary disruption.

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