LKL is on the move (again)

You may have noticed a significant drop-off in content over the past few weeks, and particularly over the Easter weekend. That’s because I’ve finally been turning my mind to moving the site to a new webhost. I know I’m going to encounter all sorts of problems, and I’ve been doing dummy runs of the move […]

New Year’s resolutions

1 I will free myself from the daily post Having managed to maintain one post per day for the past 15 months or so, even when on holiday, I’ve now proved to myself I can do it. To be honest, it’s never been much of a struggle to find something to write about, and it’s […]

Dokkaebi ate my post

I’m not sure what happened to today’s post. I definitely wrote it last night, and scheduled it for publication this lunchtime, but somehow it’s vanished into the ether. It’s nowhere to be found in the database; google desktop hasn’t cached it; and altogether it’s as if yesterday’s labours were in vain. I’ll just have to […]

The great category explosion and other statistics

Expanding our navigability Number of article categories at the end of July: 91; Number of article categories at the end of August: 212 I’ve increased the number of categories to make it easier to find all my posts about particular individuals without using the sometimes unreliable search function. There’s about 30 celebs, 20 film directors, […]

Please stress-test my drop-downs

LKL v3.1 is here in beta version. Or something like that. I’m celebrating the start of September with a test release of drop-down menus in the header. So where you see: Home | Events Calendar | About this site | … etc at the top of this page, there will now be drop-down menus for […]

Welcome to LKL V3

I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved over to a two-sidebar theme – the way Scott Wallick, its designer, intended it to be used. A number of drivers behind the move: A typically male thing of always wanting the latest version of everything – and Scott has based all the coding for this theme on […]

July statistics and site updates

Traffic Not much changes month on month now. Whatever set of statistics you look at, my growth period seems to have come to an end. Just as well given the problem reported last month regarding my using too much CPU. The site isn’t taken offline quite so frequently any more, but maybe that’s just because […]

Here we go again

Bear with me while I upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. Hopefully this won’t take too long… Update 1: OK, So far so good apart from the fact that I need to upgrade the Flickr plugin… Update 2: Done, so I can now make posts. Please report any other bugs.

New ! Korean NewsWire service

For a while now I’ve been really frustrated at the time it takes for Korean websites to load. When browsing the news sites while eating a lunchtime sandwich at my desk I’ve got better things to do than wait for those infuriating animated adverts for scary gas-powered kimchi-fridges to load before I can read the […]

The Blogroll is back

I finally worked out how to resurrect into my sidebar all my links to other sites. Firstly the WordPress 2.0 upgrade changed the coding required; then, when I imported my database into my new webspace somehow I lost all the categories under which the links were filed. A quick five minutes reinstating the categories and […]

March statistics

The Move Another objective for the year ticked off: March saw the successful move from EasySpace to Bluehost. No thanks to They came recommended by Bluehost as people who could help move your stuff over. I thought it would be a nice insurance policy to have some outside help in case anything went wrong, […]

WordPress 2.1.3 upgrade

Sorry for the brief hiatus this afternoon as I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress. It’s always more complicated than you think, as you find that not only do you have to upgrade the WordPress files: you also have to bug-fix to see whether all your plugins are compatible with the latest […]

Hotlinks disabled

As I warned a week ago, I’ve now blocked hotlinks – or at least I think I have. I’ll be checking some of your sites to see whether it’s worked or not. If any of you think you’re a charity case and deserve to have some of my bandwidth, please email me. Update 15 March. […]