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Please stress-test my drop-downs

LKL v3.1 is here in beta version. Or something like that.

I’m celebrating the start of September with a test release of drop-down menus in the header. So where you see:

Home | Events Calendar | About this site | … etc

at the top of this page, there will now be drop-down menus for most of those links.

There’s no drop-down for Home, Events, or Contact right now, and I’m not sure there ever will be. But all the others have one or two levels of hierarchy below them. It’s all part of the ongoing programme to clean up the sidebars. I was getting tired of scrolling down a couple of feet simply to find my links to the Chosun. So now my blogroll and other external links are all easily accessible at the top of the page.

Things seem to work in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but it’s a bit temperamental in Flock at the moment. Please let me know if things don’t work in other browsers.

Update 5 September. I’ve moved back to v 3.0 (without the dropdowns) for a while as I was finding that the site was crashing rather too often. Bluehost has a limit on simultaneous scripts running (20 at any one time) as well as on CPU usage. I think the extra javascript being used as part of the dropdowns was causing problems. Might need to think about moving webhosts again…

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